5 08, 2019

A Definitive Guide to Sports Physical Therapy

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Overview of Sports Physical Therapy: When it comes to getting sports-related injury treatment,  sports physical therapy has been shown to be one of the best treatments. It helps patients with a sports-related injury restore return to their sport or activity safely. The process of regaining strength & function can be short or long depending on your sports injury, but fortunately, with sports physical therapy athletes can be restored to their full health. Sports Injury Conditions Physical Therapists Treat: Ankle Sprains Ankle sprains are painful and can limit the motion. In addition, it can prevent a person from enjoying normal activities, let alone sports activities. Sport physical therapy can help improve ankle range [...]

5 08, 2019

How You Can Overcome Your Lower Back Pain or Sciatica Without Surgery, Resting, or Taking Painkillers

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Attention Back Pain Sufferers: If you suffer from back pain, this article may help you find relief sooner than you ever imagined. It turns out seeing a Doctor of Physical Therapy may not only get you pain free faster, but your individualized program can help you avoid a trip to the doctor entirely! Here’s why… If you are one of the many unfortunate people who suffer from back pain, you already know what a powerful, negative impact it can have on your life. The reality is, four out of five people will experience back pain during their lifetime. It’s so common that lower back pain is THE leading cause of [...]