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Why Most People Never Achieve Their Fitness Goals on Their Own

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If Your Health Is Spiraling Out of Control, Our Personal Training Program Is Your Path to Getting Back on Track!

When you find that your clothes aren't fitting any better, or when you notice a decline in your strength and energy levels, it can often feel like an insurmountable challenge.

Rest assured, you're not alone in facing these difficulties – many of our clients face this all too common struggle.

  • Maybe you tried a multitude of disappointing diets…

  • Maybe you invested in home gym equipment that merely collected dust…

  • Maybe you followed along with some of those “at-home” video programs on your iPhone…

  • Maybe you paid for a gym memberships that either remained unused or yielded zero results

That's where our personal training program comes in.

Our personalized personal training program at Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Performance excels in addressing the confusion often associated with generic diets and workouts.

With our expert guidance and tailored approach, you'll overcome the confusion and experience sustained motivation and progress, ultimately leading to your ideal body and health.

Meet Your Fort Myers Personal Trainers

AshleyOwner & Trainer

Meet Ashley, the heart and soul behind Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Performance. She dedicates herself to guiding her clients towards their best health and wellness every week.

Coach Katy
Coach Katy Personal Trainer

Coach Katy is the lead personal trainer and coach at Back in Motion. She specializes in helping active adults achieve their ideal health and body with an eclectic approach.

Our Approach & Why Choose Us For Your Personal Training & Fitness Needs?

Choose our personal training program if you are serious about achieving your fitness goals, as we provide a comprehensive package of customized training, expert guidance, accountability, safety, and a supportive community.

Here's What Others Are Saying

“If this worked for me, this can work for you, too!”

MH Fort Myer, FL

“This place is unlike working with a generic trainer, it's the NEXT level. My coaches continue to mix things up but also keep me safe. They're always ensuring I am doing the exercises correctly and encouraging me. I would high recommend this place!”

Kim G Fort Myer, FL

“I lost over 30 lbs in 6 months.”

Cathy A Fort Myer, FL

“Investing in my health was the BEST decision I ever made, and I can't thank Back in Motion enough. They've taken the guesswork out for me.”

Barb G Fort Myer, FL

Your Health is Too Important! Contact Us Now About Our Personal Training Programs.

Ready to take that important step toward achieving your ideal health and body? Our personalized training program is here to support you on your journey, no matter your fitness goal, we're confident that we can assist you in reaching it.

Please keep in mind that our schedules tend to fill up quickly, and it's rare for clients to leave once they experience the benefits of our program. As a result, we operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't miss your chance to prioritize your health and well-being.

Contact us today to secure your spot and embark on a transformative fitness journey with us if:

  • You're Tired of Not Feeling or Looking the Way You Want

  • You’re Tired of Having Little to No Energy

  • You Don’t Have the Strength You Once Had

  • Your Health Appears to Spiraling Out of Control

  • You've Been Told to “SLOW DOWN” and Accept Your Currency State

  • You’re Tired of Dieting or Trying Fad Diets That Don’t Work

  • You’re Looking for a Positive and Supportive Culture

  • You’re Looking for an Expert Rather Than a Generalist and…

  • You’re Ready to Implement and Be Coachable

FAQ About Our Personal Training Programs

This is a great question. The truth is most people won’t do it on their own. That is why so many gym memberships are wasted each year. We have a system in place that will keep you motivated, get your results, and hold you accountable.

This all depends on your goals and your current situation. When you sit down with one of our coaches, they’ll be able to help discern this for you.

To be honest, we’re not the cheapest in town. Fitness and health is something that we take seriously and so should you. If you want results and to have complete control of your health and look and feel great, there is a cost to this. We do offer an array of services to meet most clients at what their budget allows.

One-on-one sessions are only for those that need more coaching and attention. Our small group training sessions include training with one to two other people at the same time.

In all honesty, it depends on your goals and your current situation and how motivated you are. Usually most clients will see results witching 30 days and at the longest, 90 days. Health is a long-term goal and not a quick fix.

Yes! We have all the tools that you need including recipes, grocery lists, and a system to coach you on how to improve your nutrition. It's important to note that a sustainable approach to nutrition and weight management emphasizes balanced and nutritious meals rather than restrictive diets or starvation.

What's Your Next Step?

Here’s How Most People Start Their Fitness Journey at Back in Motion…