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  • I have been working out at Back In Motion for a little over three months now and would recommend my trainer, Katy, to anyone who is looking to reach their fitness goals. In this time I have already surpassed my initial targets and look forward to continued progress. Katy does a great job keeping the training sessions varied, challenging and I always leave feeling great!

    JD H.

  • I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Dan Lyons at Back in Motion. I’ve had a problem with my hip for close to two years and thought it would be a chronic condition. I’ve seen two orthopedic doctors who gave me short-lived cortisone shots and said I had bursitis. Dan was able to figure out the cause of bursitis. He diagnosed me with damaged gluteus muscles and proscribed a program of isometric exercises and rest. It took a while, but my hip is finally starting to heal and I’m able to begin taking part in activities I had thought I would be giving up forever. Dr. Dan never gave up on me and for that, I am so grateful.

    Susan B.

  • I had complex shoulder surgery and began a regimen of physical therapy with Dr. Sharon Sims of Back in Motion here in Verandah. I can say that today I’m in better physical shape than I’ve been in years. By following her treatment plan I’m able to play “pain-free golf” a couple of times a week and participate in fitness activities — pickleball is next on my list. It wasn’t easy, requiring a lot of work, but it paid off. Thanks Dr. Sharon.


    Steven K.

  • I started personal training with Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Performance in Fort Myers, FL back in February 2022. Everyone has been so kind, professional, and attentive. Their assessments are based on my personal goals, but also form and prevent injury. I hadn’t been as active in the past 15 years, and I was concerned that with my family history that I would be on medications in the foreseeable future. I was experiencing pain in a lot of my joints, and I just wasn’t happy with how my body was feeling. I set a goal to run my first race, and it was going to be a half marathon. (I’ve never been a runner, but I was persuaded by a friend to make this my goal.) Anyway, throughout my training, I experienced an injury to my foot. I then saw Dr. Dan, a Physical Therapist at Back in Motion, and he helped me recover, so I could get back on track with my training for the race. I’m now down 30 pounds and I completed my first half-marathon this past Saturday. It has been a journey, and I’m so grateful to the team at Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Performance in Fort Myers, FL, for teaming up with me, and for all their encouragement and support. I’m excited to set a new goal for the upcoming year and see how the team at Back in Motion can help me. Thank you Dr. Gray, Ashley, Dr. Dan & Katie for all that you do!

    Mandi J.

  • The office staff at Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Performance was always very friendly and helpful. Dr. James Porco was my back therapist, along with various assistants. The help I received was stellar and I am forever grateful that I was in such capable hands. I never realized how many bad habits I had in terms of moving and lifting before going to Back in Motion. I like how Dr. James doesn’t think merely in terms of reducing back pain but rather, getting you back to a high level of fitness. My fears of being relegated to a life of constant pain and diminished activities have subsided and I have hope of achieving various fitness goals. I hope to be able to make the time to continue personal training to reinforce proper exercise form. Getting the form right; doing the exercises properly will strengthen the core safely and efficiently. I highly recommend Back in Motion without hesitation.


  • I came into Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Performance because I was having neck pain. I have upper cervical instability and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. It is very rare to find a physical therapy office that even knows what Ehlers-Danlos is, but at Back in Motion, EVERY Dr. Is well versed on what is it, its symptoms, and how to treat it. I came in and saw Dr. Dan and was so pleased with how well my appointment went. Do not hesitate to book your physical therapy appointments here. They also do personal training which is another plus!!

    Michelle P. 

  • Back in motion changed my life. When I started, I was without much hope, because I already saw so many doctors. But this time it was very different. Dr. Gray took the time to listen to my issues and concerns and started working with me, seeing the whole person not just a part. Having a full array of different kinds of treatments and approaches. Always finding the one that is best at that moment. What is so amazing is that you get a whole hour of personal 1 on 1 therapy, which is so valuable, most doctors you get to see maybe 5 minutes if you are lucky, everybody seems too busy. Not at back in motion. They value you as a person and help you however they can to improve your quality of life. I still have a ways to go but I am 100% confident that I will succeed with their help.

    Petra R.

  • I’m a snowbird that was having back and shoulder problems. I tried everything from cortisone injections to Tylenol and was even considering g surgery. I finally took a different approach by coming to Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Performance and I am now “back in motion.” They not only offer a next-level physical therapy treatment that is WAY different than your traditional PT. You see the same Doctor everything and everything is customized! They also offer personal training in their Fort Myers facility. Since being discharged from treatment I now use this service to keep me healthy and strong and to help me enjoy my Florida lifestyle.

    Lynn G. 

  • I am so pleased with the care/service I received at Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Performance. Every member of the staff is friendly, professional, and efficient. Working as a team, they truly provide excellent patient-focused care. I worked with Dr. Anthony Simone before and after my knee-replacement surgery. He is a unique combination of competence and caring. Not only was Dr. Anthony very knowledgeable, he was great at communicating, motivating, and developing a challenging but doable plan for my recovery. I am back to walking my dog, climbing stairs, playing golf, and riding my bike – all with no pain! I have already recommended Back In Motion to several of my friends and all have been pleased. Thank you so much!!

    Pat F.

  • Back-In-Motion-Physical-Therapy-Clinic-Fort-Myers-Cape-Coral-Estero-FL

    “I’ve tried other forms of treatments but nothing helped me train harder and injury-free than coming to Back In Motion”

    Samuel C.

  • “Within the first month of training I was a totally different person. My biggest fear was just going to a gym and doing everything wrong and hurt my knee more but, with Doctors of Physical Therapy overseeing the programs, I’m doing things I never thought I could do. I feel stronger and younger than I’ve felt in years. ”

    Alex B

  • I had a major back and neck injury. I came in and saw Scott and James and they got me Back In Motion!

    Jerry L.

  • I had pain in my right knee from an old injury, pain in my hips, couldn’t rotate very well and my lower back was problematic. Just stiff all of the time and I wanted to fix that. That was not only all interfering with my normal life but also my golf swing. I was unable to rotate my hips at all. Very positive outcome, I don’t have anywhere near the same pain in my knee and I can turn my hips and torso!

    Bree H.

  • My first day here was hard, but it was fun! I went from a noodle to not so noodle. I am a lot stronger than before!

    Stephanie S.

  • I was feeling my age and now I am a lot stronger and healthier and I definitely feel a lot younger!

    Judy P.

  • I started with “Back In Motion” right before COVID started and then during COVID it was my lifeline, they became my family. I fell and broke my left hip and Dr. Scott worked with me, physical therapy and pre-surgical exercise, so I had absolutely no problem with hip replacement and aftercare. Everything that Dr. Scott, Back in Motion, and the trainers did made my hip replacement easier.

    Dede D.

  • “I’ve tried other forms of treatments but nothing helped restore my mobility in my shoulder like Active Release Technique”

    Cheryl R.

  • “I hurt my back riding my horse. I was in agony and nothing helped. It wasn’t until I did the Mckenzie method that I was healed!”

    Christine K.

  • I had herniated a disc in my lower back and thought that surgery was the only option. However, after seeing Dr. Scott Gray I avoided that route and now I am back to my old routine.

    Emily B.

  • “I had suffered with chronic back pain. It wasn’t until I came to BIM Sport & Spine that I can say this is the best I’ve felt in years.”

    Carol W.

  • I started with Back in Motion in late May 2021 as I felt “stuck” in my recovery from a Pilon fracture in the right ankle. After 10 one-hour sessions in under 3 months with We were able to improve my dorsiflexion from 4 degrees to 10 degrees, with room to improve. +6 degrees is a substantial improvement. My single leg strength got better as well. The entire experience from walking into the door to walking out was great.

    Amit P.

  • My gynecologist recommended Back in Motion for Physical Therapy on my Pelvis. | wanted the first appointment available, and that led me to the Cape Coral Office, even though | live in Ft. Myers. what a stroke of luck! Going to see Dr. Devyn Kangas, two to three times a week for this past month has improved my condition tremendously. Dr. Devyn is always on time, a great listener, empathetic, professional, very caring, and fun!!! | would not hesitate to give this office my highest recommendation.

    Karen K.

  • I had a rotator cuff injury in my shoulder. I thought my only option was surgery; however, after seeing Dr. Scott I avoided that and I am back to my old routine.

    Mary S.

  • After just a few appointments working on core strength, I’m not only able to hit the ball but, I’m able to play 18 holes!

    Elizabeth K.

  • Wisnick-B-physical-therapy-clinic-testimonial-back-in-motion-fort-myers-cape-coral-estero-fort-myers-fl

    “I hurt my knee while running. Back In Motion fixed the cause of my knee pain and I’m now glad to say that I’m pain free!”

    Wisnick B.

  • “I suffered a torn meniscus and contemplated getting surgery, but with the help of Back In Motion, I was back to my normal basketball pick-up games, lifting regime, and moving with confidence. Using his Gray Method™ and manual treatments, he not only took care of my knee, but he also helped me with other impairments I was suffering from (hips, and low back pain). “

    Woolly S.

  • “I am 78 years old. This year I had knee replacement and was making really good recovery. I started with Dr. Scott shortly after he established his practice at my gym. He has helped me reach incredible new levels of mobility by giving me tools to use between sessions. This has improved my quality of life. Thank you Dr. Gray!!!”

    Cynthia R.

  • I had back pain that prevented me from doing my work. It even prevented me from doing my fitness routine. Dr. Gray’s Method pinpointed exactly what my problem was and what treatment I needed. I can honestly say I am now pain-free.

    Ricardo C.

  • I had tried three different therapy practices before Back in Motion. It was a good day when I walked through their doors. The office staff is great. More importantly, the therapy doctors are exceptional. It is a small practice and I felt everyone took an interest in my case. I saw the same therapist throughout my treatment. I would recommend this group to everyone.

    Sue P.

  • Dr. Gray quickly diagnosed my back pain which turned out to be a herniated disc. He put me on a great exercise rehab program and it’s done wonders! I feel great and finally ready to be discharged. I would highly recommend the Gray Method™.

    Brett T.

  • Hi, I’m Jaden, and I’m a high school baseball player who came in with Shoulder pain. Immediately Dr. Gray and his team were able to pinpoint the problem in my shoulder and were able to help me recover accordingly. They also found out the root of my shoulder pain was not because of a weakened Rotor-cuff and Scap, but also a lack of stability in my hip. Within only a few weeks I was able to feel big differences in the right direction because of Dr.Gray!! If you’re an athlete with any discomfort or pain anywhere I definitely recommend Dr.Gray and his team.

    Jaden Ascolese

  • The Back in Motion Clinic for me has been a remarkable experience. I had a bicycle accident which resulted in 5 broken ribs and a broken collarbone. And because of my long-term immobility, I additionally had shoulder issues. Dr. Gray and his professional staff quickly assessed my issues and put me on a path to a speedy recovery. My appointments were scheduled around my timelines, and the staff was first-rate and even had me outside the clinic swinging golf clubs to get me in shape to return to golfing. The paperwork was handled efficiently and forwarded to my insurance company with no glitches. I returned to an active lifestyle in just 6 weeks. I can’t say enough about Dr. Gray and his friendly and courteous staff.

    Vito B.

  • Back In Motion was able to show me how to swing the club without putting pressure on my back and without sliding.

    Thomas Q.

  • Marsha-McCombie-physical-therapy-clinic-testimonial-back-in-motion-fort-myers-cape-coral-estero-fort-myers-fl

    I’m a long-distance runner. I was diagnosed with hip instability issues after I spent a year and a half trying to figure out why my hips always felt as though they were burning. I decided to contact the office after no luck with an orthopedic specialist and his physical therapist earlier in the year. I was pain-free the day after my first appointment. During the first couple of weeks, it would come and go as I was building a base. I can now say 3 months since my first appointment (and only 8-9 weeks of physical therapy), I am PAIN-FREE. I ran a half marathon and only felt a little hip fatigue the next day. The following day, I felt NOTHING. I honestly feel like Back In Motion changed my life. The rippling effect of their help goes far beyond the physical pain I felt for so long.

    Marsha M.

  • There isn’t enough room here to list all the wonderful things I could say about my treatment at Back in Motion. Not only is Dr. Andrew Kupper personally a smart, caring, gentle, and kind individual, he is an extremely talented and competent Physical Therapist. Andrew took the time to do an in-depth assessment of my problems, my abilities, and my concerns, and he developed a plan of care with benchmarks, goals, and a targeted end result. I came to him with a fear that my physical condition was deteriorating, and not only did he allay my fears, but he also gave me the confidence to know that I could challenge myself to achieve a good outcome. If you don’t believe that someone could actually enjoy physical therapy, take it from me – I did!

    Betsy L.

  • Laurye-Omelia-physical-therapy-clinic-testimonial-back-in-motion-fort-myers-cape-coral-estero-fort-myers-fl

    Experienced, professional, caring, and most of all, effective! After suffering lower back pain for over 10 years which interfered with my daily life, and going from one therapist and modality to another, I finally found a practitioner in physiotherapy who developed an ongoing “plan” to alleviate my symptoms. I cannot herald, Dr. Scott Gray and his team of therapists enough…including his physical training program which has brought me back to my younger years of strength and agility. Believe me, it works! Don’t wait! They are more than a miracle to me and to my friends to whom I have recommended them!

    Laurye O.

  • Steve-t-physical-therapy-clinic-testimonial-back-in-motion-fort-myers-cape-coral-estero-fort-myers-fl

    Dr. Sharon is a fantastic Physical Therapist. I have had over a half dozen treatments with Dr. Sharon at her Verandah office. Her exceptional skills and knowledge of the human body were evident during my first visit/consultation with her. I had two back surgeries between 2012 and 2018. I have 2 bad discs in my neck. I experience pain and muscle tightness after moderate exercise and physical activities such as golf and pickleball. Her office was able to diagnose through the use of ultrasound an impingement in my left shoulder causing extreme pain. Dr. Sharon’s hands-on techniques and therapy regimen have greatly reduced the amount of pain in both my back, neck, and shoulder. Based on the many Physical Therapy sessions I have had over the past 25 years Dr. Sharon’s therapy treatments are by far the BEST!

    Steve C.

  • I have been working with Back In Motion for various spine and balance issues and have learned so much about how to do corrective exercises to get the strength to help with the balance issues I needed. The staff are very knowledgeable and show concern and compassion for each patient they see. Super friendly atmosphere and not your typical Physical Therapy clinic either. They actually diagnose and treat you according to your own specific needs and progress adapting accordingly instead of giving you computer-generated exercises. Giving you a quick and full recovery. I highly recommend this clinic!

    Anita P.

  • I tried other forms of treatment with no benefit. It wasn’t until I tried this approach that now I’m feeling much improved and running injury-free. If it worked for me, it will work for you, too.

    Tonia O.

  • My sports injury as an Olympic gold medalist stemmed from my hip, and Dr. Gray found this with his Gray Method approach. I’m happy to say that I’m now 100% pain-free and back to skiing in the Olympics once again!

    Sarah H.

  • I have been coming for the last 5 months for therapeutic exercises for my hip issues. He is helping me prepare for my stem cell treatments. His blood flow restriction exercises are amazing for me. Thank you, Dr. Gray!

    Betty G.

  • I found out that I had arthritis in a lot of my joints. I had my back fused 12 years ago and it was full of arthritis. My shoulder and rotator cuff were giving me problems. I also had surgery on my rotator cuff. My shoulder was still hurting badly. Dr. Gray took a look and was able to help. He has been using dry needling and pulsation. I have now regain mobility in my shoulder after 4 treatment!

    Johnny K.

  • I initially went to Dr. Gray for back pain. After his assessment, he discovered that I also had hip issues that needed required surgery. He found that I had an issue that I never knew that I had. I am very appreciative of his detailed analysis of your problem. Back In Motion is the best!

    Carol G.

  • “This place is next-level physical therapy. I’ve had physical therapy all through my life and I’ve never experienced the techniques or the level of expertise that I have with these folks. This is what physical therapy is supposed to be. You actually get 60 minutes of physical therapy. These techniques and procedures are cutting edge you will not find a better physical therapist in Lee County.”

    Marc B.

  • “Several months ago, a relative encouraged me to contact Back in Motion for help with balance issues. Each session was challenging; no two were ever alike. Not only that, but I truly enjoyed trying to maintain my balance during the exercises. I continue to feel confident about all things involving balance. As my first experience with physical therapy, I highly recommend the Back in Motion team.”

    Karen T.

  • “I have tried other forms of physical therapy and rehab but with not as great of results. If you’re serious about getting to the root cause of your pain and want to stay active and mobile for years to come without surgery or dangerous drugs, Back In Motion is the place. This isn’t a cookie cutter place like most hospital or physician based physical therapy programs, you actually get the treatment that your body needs and not just some random exercises or treatments.“

    Doug M.

  • I had issues with my shoulder that caused me to have a lot of issues with mobility and pain. After going to PT at Back In Motion, I was able to go to the gym and play pickleball without any pain. Coming to Back In Motion was like an answered prayer.

    Susan C.

  • I started feeling a deep pain in my calf after I ran my 2nd marathon. I then decided to go to physical therapy. Dr. Gray discovered that I had a calf strain and let me know why. He is very knowledgeable. I recommend him for anyone in pain!


  • “My son is an athlete and I thought he was going through growing pains. After meeting with Dr. Gray, he was able to get to the root cause of his issues. He then created a plan for strengthening and stabilizing. He is amazing and I would recommend him 110%!”

    Andre N.

  • “I had a severe injury that prevented me from walking and doing the things that I love to do. I am glad to say that I can now walk normally and without hurting and so can you, too! I can’t recommend BIM Sport & Spine PT enough!”

    Miriam F.

  • “I’ve had chronic issues that slow me down as a business professional. Dr. Gray and his team are able to keep me living from painkiller and in motion. The provide great customer services, have a clean facility, and hel to get to the root cause of your pain. If I can b helped, so can you, too!”

    David L.

  • “I tried chiropractic and other forms of medicine, nothing worked. I can’t recommend Back In Motion Sport & Spine PT enough.”

    Kay B.

  • “I was able to get rid of my hip pain seeing Dr. Gray and his staff at Backin In Motion Sport & Spine Physical Therapy. I can’t recommend them enough. If you’re looking for physical therapy in Fort Myers, this is the place.”

    Missy A.

  • “I had a hamstring issue. I thought my only option was surgery; however, after seeing Dr.Scott I avoided that and I am back to my old routine.”

    Gary B.

  • “I had hip pain that prevented me from doing my work. It even prevented me from doing my fitness routine. Dr. Gray’s Gray Method pinpointed exactly what my problem was and what treatment I needed. I can honestly say I am now pain-free.”

    Chris M.

  • Back In Motion and their Dr. James Porco have been a godsend for me. After three back surgeries and the resultant fusion of my bottom three spine joints, I developed severe SI Joint and Piriformis muscle pain. Through manipulation, dry-needling, and assignment of the correct at-home exercises, Dr. James has relieved my pain and saved me from yet another fusion of my SI Joints. The concentrated one-on-one sessions at this practice are the gold standard in PT.

    Charlie B.

  • “I had neck pain. I thought my only option was surgery; however, after seeing Dr. Scott I avoided that and I am back to my old routine.”

    Barb M.

  • “I had neck pain that prevented me from doing my work. Ite even prevented me from doing my fitness routine. Dr. Gray’s Gray Method pin=pointed exactly what my problem was and what treatment I needed. I can honestly say I am now pain-free.”

    Kathy O.

  • “I was able to get rid of my neck pain seeing Dr. Gray and his staff at Back In Motion Sport & Spine Physical Therapy. I can’t recommend them enough. If you’re looking for physical therapy in Fort Myers, this the place.”

    Mark B.

  • “I was able to get rid of my back pain after seeing Dr. Scott Gray and his staff at Back In Motion Physical Therapy. I cannot recommend them enough.”

    Randy H.

  • Thank you Back In Motion and Dr. Gray. I had a terrible slip and fall accident in August of 2021. In an attempt to arrest my fall, I hyper extended my right shoulder and ultimately smashed my left shoulder into the concrete floor. After a couple of months of increasing pain and being unable to obtain an appointment with my general practitioner, I asked a colleague if he knew anyone. He immediately referred Back in Motion and Dr. Gray to me. My first appointment was November 2nd, 2021. Dr. Gray stared right in and used an ultrasound to show me the 4 partial tears in both my shoulders and 1 tear in my left bicep. He knew I was in a lot of pain and immediately came up with a treatment plan. He was upfront about the fact that it would be a long therapy road, and fully believed that I could completely recover without surgery. I have been following his plan and exercises and attending almost weekly therapy sessions and I am very happy to report that after almost 5 months of therapy, my shoulders and bicep are more than 95% healed. I am very grateful to the entire staff for leading the way to recovery and not feeling pain. I am grateful that therapy worked and I did not and will not have to have surgery. I highly recommend Back In Motion, Dr. Gray, Dr. James and the entire staff! I appreciate all of you!

    Andy S.

  • My wife and I both had Dr. James and found him to be very caring and attentive to our problems and instructed us on how to do exercises at home in order to work out the pain and strengthen the muscles surrounding the issue at hand. We appreciated his professionalism and expertise in this matter. Gerry & Nancy Dumoulin

    Gerald D.

  • The entire team at Back in Motion are absolutely fantastic. I was suffering from a severe sciatica episode and painful neck headaches. Thanks to the excellent care I have received at the practice, I feel better than I have in a long, long time. The entire staff treats you like family, and I highly recommend them.


  • I came back for more therapy this time for bursitis in my knee. I was treated by Dr Dan Lyons in Your Ft Myers location. Dan was very through in helping with exercises as well as manipulating the soft tissue in my knee. There were times I would come in frustrated after a few days of bad pain & he would in his calm demeanor figure out what caused it & help me feel better.

    He also discovered by checking my stride that I should be wearing orthotics ALL the time. I would say he left no stone unturned!.

    I felt comfortable with him & if I should need additional therapy I would go back.

    Thank you Dr Dan!

    Richard S.

  • Very personal and targeted physical therapy. I had many issues and over the five months (2x week) that they treated me they approached each one thoughtfully with targeted treatment. They got rid of so much of the pain that I was suffering. The supportive attitude was much appreciated. I was not an “ easy” patient. The surgery that I finally had for bone on bone arthritic hip joint went really well and my recovery is stronger because of all the pre op therapy I had. James and Anthony were my primary therapists and they are both smart and very competent therapists. Everyone who took care of me was great. I highly recommend this practice.

    Linda L.

  • Dr. Daniel Lyons helped me get rid of back and hip pain that I thought only surgery would relieve. I thought for sure I was going to need a hip replacement. I couldn’t even sleep on my right side and when I got up in the morning I couldn’t stand up straight. After about 4 sessions I started noticing a big difference. I could sleep on my right side again. No longer did I feel like an invalid when I got up in the morning. I could golf 4 times a week with minimal soreness. Dr. Dan taught me exercises to do at home which I do faithfully and I can say that I am basically pain free now. I reluctantly discontinued my therapy after 7 weeks because I was feeling so good. I would recommend anyone suffering back or other joint pain to try Back in Motion before considering surgical intervention.

    Larry S.

  • The staff is great. Very professional and caring. Dr. Vaness is totally AMAZING! She was caring and very helpful with all my problems. I would recommend Back In Motion therapy for sure.

    Sheri C.

  • In early 2021 I fell and broke my arm/wrist. After getting my cast off I went through PT with another provider to regain range of motion. I went back to regular activities but after two weeks developed severe shoulder pain. I was told it was FROZEN SHOULDER. Internet articles all said PT was not helpful and it normally took 2-7 years for resolution. After a couple of weeks of intense pain a neighbor recommended Back in Motion. I started treatment on August 11 with Dr. Anthony Simone. I was released around Christmas and I am back to playing tennis with no pain with full range of motion. Don’t believe the internet…make your appointment today.

    Patty H.

  • My PT experience with Back In Motion and Dr. Dan Lyons over the past few months has been excellent. Dr. Dan is a total professional and has provided me with therapy and advice that has greatly improved my condition and strength. I highly recommend Dr. Dan and Back In Motion for any Physical Therapy needs.

    Gary I.

  • I had chronic hip pain for 8 years and no one could tell me why, including numerous orthopedic surgeons. About a year ago, I went to a third Orthopedic surgeon, who basically told me that I should have a total hip replacement despite having what looks like a totally normal hip (on scans and x-rays). This sounded completely ludicrous to me, so I decided to give physical therapy another try. I had tried everything under the sun at this point with no relief, but I figured I’d make one more last-ditch effort.

    Back in Motion was referred to my husband for his back pain, so I called them and set up a consultation. I was a medical mystery to them as well, but was told that there was significant muscle weakness that could be improved and might improve my quality of life. I was also told that it could take a significant amount of time to see improvement. I appreciated the honesty. And they were right; however, the 8 months that it has taken is nothing compared to 8 YEARS of daily agony.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Gray’s for those 8 months and my quality of life has definitely improved. When I started I couldn’t walk down the driveway or lift anything heavy without being incapacitated for 3 days. Now, I am able to walk almost 3 miles and am lifting weight that I would have never thought possible. I definitely recommend Dr. Gray and his team, whether you have a medical mystery like mine, or just need a tune-up!

    Kelly C.

  • I’m a division 1 football kicker and going to Back In Motion has increased all my distance on all my kicks, and increased my recovery and flexibility in just a couple of sessions would recommend to any athlete.

    Brandon B.

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