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As a passionate golfer, you know that a great swing is the key to success on the course. But what happens when your swing feels off, and you can't seem to find your rhythm? Frustration sets in, and your game suffers. That's where we come in.

At Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Performance, we understand the pain points that golfers like you face when seeking that perfect swing. We've seen the disappointment in your eyes when shots veer off-course or lack the power and precision you desire. But fret not, because our professional golf swing analysis is here to turn your game around.

Our team of experienced golf instructors and cutting-edge technology will meticulously analyze every aspect of your swing. From the club path and face angle to your body alignment and weight distribution, we leave no stone unturned. Through detailed video analysis, launch monitor data, and expert insights, we'll pinpoint the areas where your swing can be improved.

Say goodbye to guesswork and frustration. With our golf swing analysis, you'll gain a deep understanding of your swing mechanics and the adjustments needed to achieve optimal performance. We'll provide you with a personalized improvement plan tailored to your unique strengths and challenges.

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Picture this: you step up to the tee, full of anticipation and excitement. You swing with all your might, only to see your ball slice off into the rough, far from your intended target. The frustration builds, round after round, as your swing inconsistencies persist. But here's the harsh reality: if you don't address these issues, they'll continue to haunt your game, hindering your progress and stealing your joy.

Without professional golf swing analysis, you risk falling into a cycle of repetitive mistakes. Your swing flaws can become deeply ingrained, leading to a decline in performance, increased frustration, and a dent in your confidence. Think about the missed opportunities, the lost strokes, and the nagging feeling that you're not living up to your true potential on the course.

Worse yet, these swing issues can cause unnecessary strain on your body, leading to discomfort and even injury. Over time, the joy of golf can turn into a painful endeavor, forcing you to sit on the sidelines rather than enjoying the game you love.

But here's the honest truth:: it's not too late to turn the tide. By taking the proactive step of investing in professional golf swing analysis, you can break free from this frustrating cycle. 

Our expert instructors will identify the root causes of your swing inconsistencies and provide you with the tools and guidance to correct them. Imagine the satisfaction of hitting powerful, accurate shots with ease, game after game. The renewed confidence and joy that comes from knowing you're performing at your best.

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How Our  Golf Swing Analysis Works:

Step 1: TPI Screen &  Physical Examination
Our first step is an elite performance assessment, where we dive deep into your golf swing. We analyze every aspect, from your posture to your follow-through, using state-of-the-art technology and expert analysis. This assessment helps us identify your unique strengths and pinpoint the exact areas where improvement is needed in your body. For instance, do a limited rotation in your hip or trunk that is limiting your backswing?

Step 2: Precision Golf Swing Analysis – Objectively Measure Your Swing Faults
Next, we employ cutting-edge swing analysis techniques to provide precise insights into your swing mechanics. High-speed cameras, motion capture systems, and advanced software capture every detail of your swing, allowing us to identify flaws or inefficiencies. This analysis unveils the hidden secrets to unlocking your true potential on the course objectively. No longer do you have to guess, our system will pick all this information up objectively.

Step 3: Customized Corrective Training
Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your swing, we design a customized corrective training program tailored to your needs. Our experienced specialists will guide you through targeted exercises, drills, and techniques addressing your swing faults. With our personalized approach, you'll quickly see significant improvements in your swing mechanics and overall performance.

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  • You're tired of inconsistent shots and want to improve your swing consistency.

  • You feel frustrated with the lack of distance and power in your shots.

  • You struggle with accuracy and want to hit more fairways and greens.

  • You experience difficulty with certain aspects of your swing, such as maintaining a proper grip or posture.

  • You want to eliminate swing faults and develop a more fluid, efficient swing motion.

  • You're seeking expert guidance to analyze and adjust your swing mechanics for optimal performance.

  • You're ready to gain a deeper understanding of your swing through advanced video analysis and data-driven insights.

  • You're committed to investing time and effort into your golf game to achieve significant improvement.

  • You're open to learning new techniques and making necessary adjustments to maximize your potential.

  • You're passionate about golf and dedicated to taking your game to the next level.

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FAQ’s About Our Golf Swing Analysis Program

A TPI golf swing analysis by a physical therapist focuses on evaluating your body's physical movements, limitations, and biomechanics. They assess your flexibility, strength, stability, and mobility to identify physical factors that may impact your swing and provide exercises to improve performance and prevent injuries. On the other hand, seeing a golf pro primarily concentrates on refining your swing mechanics, golf-specific technique, strategy, and overall performance on the course. They provide instruction, coaching, and feedback to enhance your golf skills and help you optimize your game. Both approaches have distinct areas of expertise and can be valuable in improving your golf performance.

Yes! We use the KVEST which is a system developed by the Titleist Performance Institute. This system will track and analyze: 

Kinematic Sequence: The KVEST system measures the sequencing and timing of movements between the pelvis, torso, and arms during the swing. It provides data on the order and speed of these movements, which is crucial for generating power and efficiency in the swing. This analysis helps identify any potential sequencing issues that may affect performance and can guide specific drills or exercises to improve the kinetic chain.

Club Path: The KVEST system measures the path that the clubhead follows during the swing. This measurement provides insights into whether the club is moving on an optimal path relative to the target line. By analyzing the club path data, TPI professionals can identify any potential swing flaws or deviations that may affect accuracy and ball flight, helping to guide adjustments or drills to improve the swing path.

Club Angle: The KVEST system also captures data on the angle of the clubface at various points during the swing. This measurement provides information on the clubface's position relative to the swing plane and impact factors such as open, closed, or square. Evaluating the club angle data helps identify any issues with clubface control and can guide adjustments to optimize accuracy, consistency, and ball flight patterns.

Swing Speed: The KVEST system measures the speed at which an individual swings the club. Swing speed is a critical factor in generating power and distance in the golf swing. By analyzing the swing speed data, TPI professionals can assess the player's ability to generate clubhead speed and identify any potential limitations or areas for improvement. This measurement helps in optimizing the player's power potential and may guide specific training or swing adjustments to increase swing speed if desired.

Pelvic and Torso Movements: The KVEST system captures data on pelvic and torso rotations throughout the swing. This information helps assess the player's ability to generate rotational power and maintain proper sequencing. It measures parameters such as pelvic tilt, pelvic rotation, and thorax rotation, providing insights into the player's movement patterns and potential areas for improvement.

Upper Body Alignment: The KVEST system also evaluates the player's upper body alignment and consistency during the swing. It measures parameters such as shoulder tilt, shoulder rotation, and inclination angles, which are crucial for maintaining proper posture, club position, and swing plane. These measurements can help identify any postural or alignment issues that may affect swing mechanics and consistency.

By analyzing the data collected through the KVEST system, TPI professionals can gain valuable insights into an individual's swing mechanics, identify potential areas for improvement, and develop a tailored plan to enhance performance. This technology-driven assessment provides objective data to complement the subjective observations made by TPI experts, resulting in a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's golf swing.

A TPI golf swing analysis is an assessment performed by a physical therapist with expertise in golf-related movements. It involves analyzing your swing mechanics, body movements, and physical limitations to identify areas of improvement. This analysis can help identify specific physical factors affecting your swing, address swing faults, enhance performance, and prevent injuries.

The duration of a TPI golf swing analysis can vary depending on the depth of the evaluation and the individual's specific needs. Generally, it can range from 60 to 90 minutes. This allows enough time to assess various aspects of your swing, analyze movement patterns, conduct physical tests, and discuss the findings and recommendations with you.

During a TPI golf swing analysis, the physical therapist will observe your swing, paying attention to your body mechanics, posture, balance, and movement patterns. They may also use video analysis to provide a more detailed assessment. Additionally, the physical therapist may conduct specific physical tests to evaluate your flexibility, strength, stability, and mobility, as these factors can impact your swing mechanics.

Yes, the TPI golf swing analysis aims to identify physical limitations or restrictions that may be affecting your swing and overall performance. The physical therapist can assess your body's range of motion, muscle imbalances, stability, and strength, and provide recommendations and exercises to address these limitations. By improving your physical capabilities, you can optimize your swing mechanics and potentially reduce the risk of injury.

Yes, a TPI golf swing analysis can play a crucial role in injury prevention. By evaluating your swing mechanics, body movements, and physical limitations, the physical therapist can identify potential injury risks and provide specific exercises, stretches, or modifications to help mitigate those risks. This proactive approach can contribute to a healthier and more sustainable golfing experience.

The frequency of TPI golf swing analyses depends on various factors, such as your current level of play, any changes in your physical condition, and your specific goals. For most golfers, it is recommended to undergo a TPI golf swing analysis annually or whenever there are significant changes in your swing mechanics, physical condition, or performance. Regular assessments can help track progress, address new issues, and ensure that you continue to optimize your swing and overall golf game.