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How It Started

Back In Motion Sport & Spine Physical Therapy was founded by Dr. Scott Gray (Inventor of the Gray Method™) in 2017 with the mission to help active adults and athletes get back in motion and feel normal again WITHOUT resorting to surgery or dangerous drugs by providing quality, one-on-one concierge-style rehabilitation and physical therapy treatments.

He offered treatment and physical therapy in Fort Myers, FL first but since then has expanded into offering his physical therapy in Cape Coral, FL.

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At Back In Motion Sport & Spine Physical Therapy, we know what it’s like to feel stuck, let down, and out of hope.

You’ve been let down by another physical therapist, surgery, injections, or just the traditional medical system as whole.

Nearly all of our clients have told us they felt the same way before coming to see us.

The current medical system is not always set up with patients best interests in mind. We’ve been there.

Frustrated with a lack of quality options, Dr. Scott Gray created Back In Motion to give the SWFL community something we always wanted and needed. Quality, patient-focused healthcare with a focus on fixing the cause rather than just the symptoms to give you lasting and permanent relief!

How We’re Different

What That Means For You…

Who We Work With

Active Adults

Our clients are active adults, usually between 45 and 70 years old, who love staying active and enjoying what Southwest Florida has to offer. They value their health and physical freedom and don’t want to risk losing it due to pain.


We help athletes from youth to Olympic gold medalist get back in the game quickly, safely, and non-invasively. We understand the “athlete mindset”. The primary goal of any injured athlete or sports-related injury is to heal up and get back into action as quickly as they can.

People Who Value Their Health

If you’re someone who is fine with taking pain medications or getting frequent injections, we may not be the place for you. Our clients come to us in search for a natural, holistic solution that restores their physical freedom without dangerous drugs, risky surgery, or injections.

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Meet The Team

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Dr. Scott Gray

Ashley Gray

Dr. James

Dr. Sharon

Dr. Anthony

Dr. Vanessa

Dr. Devyn

Dr. Daniel

Dr. David

Mily Perez

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Where To Start With Back In Motion?

Where To Start With Back In Motion?

Step 1: Where Does It Hurt?

Click the button below and look at all of our different free reports written by Dr. Scott Gray, and download the one which is closest to where it hurts for free tips on how to relieve your pain or stiffness INSTANTLY!

Step 2: Get Your Free Download Of Dr. Scott’s Bestselling Book!

Discover a brand new method (Gray Method™) that allows people like you, people searching for a pain-free lifestyle, get relief from their condition permanently with a free download of Dr. Scott’s bestselling book!

Step 3: Arrange A Free “Fix The Cause” Consultation.

Come speak to one of our Gray Method™ practitioners and see for yourself how we can help you and answer all your questions, concerns, completely for free with no strings attached!