Dr. Scott Gray – The Best Physical Therapist Near Me In Fort Myers

Best Physical Therapist Near Me in Fort Myers- Dr. Scott Gray

Dr. Scott Gray

Hello. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I know from first-hand experience that it isn’t easy to get the help you need when you’re hurt. That being the case, let me introduce myself so you’ll have a better understanding of what I do, why I do it, and how I can help you.

As an undergraduate, I played running back for the Butler University Bulldogs. In 2007, I was named Butler’s Most Outstanding Offensive Player. Needless to say, I love football, wanting nothing more at the time than to play every single game.

Unfortunately, a number of injuries kept me off the field—that’s when I started going to different doctors and therapists, trying to overcome my injuries so I could play again. Nothing helped. It seemed the surgeons just wanted to cut into me or prescribe painkillers!

I started seriously looking for answers as a D1 athlete. (If you’re not a sports fan, a D1 athlete is the highest level of intercollegiate athletics.) I wanted to know why I was constantly getting hurt.

I went to dozens of “experts” before finally finding a man who helped me get moving again. That’s when I saw the value of physical therapy. As a result, of working with him, I started doing my own research into therapy solutions. I wanted to know specifically what worked and when.

The result has been a revolutionary approach to rehabilitation called the Gray Method(™).

This treatment accurately diagnoses the condition, and fixes the root cause—not just the symptoms. The Gray Method(™) helps me get people get moving faster and more pain-free.

In addition to assisting and being a treating physical therapist in Fort Myers, FL and at our physical therapy clinic in Cape Coral, I presently work as the lead physical therapist for the Mountain Dew Tour. You can see this on NBC.

Now that you know something about me, I hope we’ll meet in person, so I can learn about you.

I’d like to encourage you to start your healing process by signing up for my assessment: it’s free and it pinpoints the problem, so there is no guessing.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Education & Professional Associations

I had the honor of attending the following educational institutions on my journey to become a top-rated doctor of physical therapy.

I am proud to belong to the following professional medical associations:

Awards & Volunteering

I have had the opportunity to share my findings on how to effectively treat muscle and skeletal injuries in a number of ways including:

And in my spare time, I volunteer with the following organizations helping youth athletes by showing coaches and parents how to prevent injuries and improve their athletic performance.

Dr. Gray In Action

A Client Testimonial

Thank you Back In Motion and Dr. . I had a terrible slip and fall accident in August of 2021. In an attempt to arrest my fall, I hyperextended my right shoulder and ultimately smashed my left shoulder into the concrete floor. After a couple of months of increasing pain and being unable to obtain an appointment with my general practitioner, I asked a colleague if he knew anyone. He immediately referred Back in Motion and Dr. to me. My first appointment was on November 2nd, 2021. Dr. stared right in and used an ultrasound to show me the 4 partial tears in both my shoulders and 1 tear in my left bicep. He knew I was in a lot of pain and immediately came up with a treatment plan. He was upfront about the fact that it would be a long therapy road, and fully believed that I could completely recover without surgery. I have been following his plan and exercises and attending almost weekly therapy sessions and I am very happy to report that after almost 5 months of therapy, my shoulders and bicep are more than 95% healed. I am very grateful to the entire staff for leading the way to recovery and not feeling pain. I am grateful that therapy worked and I did not and will not have to have surgery. I highly recommend Back In Motion, Dr. , Dr. James, and the entire staff! I appreciate all of you!