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If You’re Tired of Having Your Jaw Click or Pop & Disrupt Your Daily Life Listen Up…

Dealing with temporomandibular disorder (TMJ) can be both a physical and emotional struggle.

Not only does it limit your ability to eat the foods that you love to eat but it can also affect you socially as well, too. Which in turn affects your energy and your mood.

It's natural to take a painkiller just to get by but, as you know, this only masks the symptoms temporarily.

Despite all of this, the pain persists and shows no signs of fading away.

If this situation sounds familiar to you and your situations with TMJ, rest assured that you're not alone.

We frequently encounter cases of TMJ at our clinics in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Estero, FL.

Almost All TMJ Disorders are Biomechmanical & Can Get Better if Treated….

Did you know that about 95% of TMJ disorders are biomechanical and have the potential to improve and even be cured?

The truth is, most TMJ disorders stem from a condition called hypermobility of the jaw, where the jaw moves excessively.

But here's the catch: Without proper treatment, your TMJ situation could escalate further, causing more pain and frustration. Resting and waiting it out won't cut it. Ignoring the issue won't make it magically disappear.

We've witnessed too many stories of individuals who chose to “rest” and hope for the best, only to find themselves back in their doctor's office, still plagued by unrelenting pain. Others have been handed painkillers as a temporary solution, masking the root cause of their headaches.

Let's face it—these Band-Aid solutions won't address the real problem. That's because most medical providers lack the expertise to effectively treat TMJ.

Instead, you may find yourself on a never-ending cycle of stronger medications, unnecessary injections, or even recommended surgeries that may not be needed.

Have you experienced a similar ordeal with your TMJ or jaw pain?

Don't be disheartened.

There's still hope.

The Signs & Symptoms of TMJ

A considerable number of healthcare professionals may lack comprehensive knowledge about the underlying causes of TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) pain. In fact, many may not even be aware that this condition exists.

TMJ pain refers to the discomfort experienced in the jaw joint area, which can lead to various issues. These can range from jaw movement and biting difficulties to chronic discomfort and headaches.

This condition can have multifaceted origins, including teeth grinding, stress, misaligned jaw, or muscle tension in the jaw area.

TMJ-related discomfort may also extend to surrounding areas, contributing to pain in the face, and neck, and even causing headaches. Regrettably, TMJ issues are frequently underdiagnosed, despite affecting a significant portion of the population.

Raising awareness about TMJ is crucial, as it can impact individuals of all ages. By shedding light on this condition, we aim to provide much-needed support and understanding to those who may be grappling with TMJ-related challenges.

The Most Common TMJ Signs and Symptoms:

  • Jaw Pain

  • Headaches

  • Facial Pain

  • Ear Pain

  • Clicking & Popping

  • Chewing Difficulties

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Here’s How We Can Help Get to the Root Cause of Your TMJ – The Gray Method

TMJ disorders can be debilitating, affecting your ability to speak, eat, and live your life to the fullest. The good news is, you don't have to suffer in silence.

We understand that TMJ disorders can stem from various causes, but one common factor is often poor posture altering the stability of this joint.

Maintaining incorrect postures, such as slouching or having forward head posture, can contribute to muscular imbalances and strain in the jaw, neck, and upper back. These imbalances can place undue stress on the TMJ, resulting in discomfort, pain, and limited jaw movement.

At Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Performance, we recognize the critical link between posture and TMJ health. That's why our specialized approach targets not only the symptoms but also the root cause of your TMJ disorder.

By addressing and improving posture, we aim to alleviate the stress on your TMJ and promote overall musculoskeletal well-being.

Our experienced team will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs. Through a combination of manual therapies, exercises, and patient education, we aim to restore balance and functionality to your jaw joint. With our comprehensive approach, you can find relief and regain control of your life.

Watch this Video on how we assess and treat TMJ:

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If you're tired of letting TMJ control your life and yearn for a genuine solution, we have the answer you've been searching for. At our clinic, we understand the frustration of temporary fixes and quick fixes that fail to address the root cause of your TMJ issues.

But here's the truth: Our services are not for everyone. We are committed to working with individuals who are truly serious about their health and determined to put in the effort required to achieve lasting improvement.

If you're ready to break free from the chains of TMJ and regain control over your well-being, then it's time to reach out to us. Our team of specialized TMJ experts is dedicated to providing exclusive services tailored to your unique needs.

However, please note that our availability is limited, and we can only accommodate individuals who demonstrate a genuine commitment to their own health. We firmly believe in your potential to overcome TMJ challenges, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Don't let TMJ hold you back any longer. Take charge of your health and experience the long-lasting relief you deserve. Contact us now by calling [Phone number] or visiting our website at [Website URL]. Together, let's embark on a transformative journey to reclaim your life from the grasp of TMJ.

Our TMJ Success Stories

“Dr. Scott Gray and his team at Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Performance have been a game-changer for me with their TMJ treatment. I had been struggling with severe jaw pain and discomfort for years, and it was affecting my daily life and even my sleep.

From the moment I walked in, I could tell that Dr. Gray's approach was different. He took the time to understand my symptoms and history before creating a customized treatment plan. The blend of manual techniques, exercises, and education they provided was incredibly effective.

After just a few sessions, I started noticing a significant reduction in my jaw pain. It was almost like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders – or in this case, off my jaw. Dr. Gray's team not only helped relieve my pain but also taught me how to manage my condition on my own.

What truly stands out is their dedication to my well-being. They didn't just treat my symptoms; they empowered me with knowledge and tools to maintain my progress. Thanks to their expertise, I've regained my quality of life and can enjoy meals, conversations, and sleep without the constant discomfort.

If you're struggling with TMJ issues, I highly recommend Dr. Scott Gray and his team. Their holistic approach, personalized care, and commitment to lasting results have made all the difference in my journey to a pain-free life.”

Kim Krestan, Fort Myers, FL

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