3 Big Nutrition Mistakes To Avoid

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#1 Portion Control


The first nutritional mistake is portion control. A lot of people, they are actually eating healthy foods, but the problem is they're overeating those healthy foods.


For example, if I'm eating access calories, I'm going to put on that access weight.


A good guide that kind of shows you how much food you should be eating from our precision nutrition program is your palm is how much protein you should have in one serving.


Second is a fist size of vegetables, a handful of carbs, and finally a thumb size of fat.


So, We got the palm for protein, a fist for vegetables, a handful of carbs, and then your thumb for how much fat you should be taking in each day and that's for each meal.




For the full article explaining this infographic:


Have you ever heard the phrase, “You are what you eat?” As silly as it sounds, It's kind of true.


So for example, if most of my meals are coming, I'm eating mainly fat for those meals. Then what my body is going to be doing is going to be storing all that fat right away.


It's going to be storing as fat. So that's why precision nutrition wants you to eat a lot more protein and a lot more vegetables and carbs because that's also going to fill you up and keep you full.


#2 Confusing Water With Thirst


Another nutrition mistake that I see a lot of people make is not drinking the proper amount of water.


You need to drink at least a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day. Maybe even more. If you're living in the sunshine state, it gets pretty hot out here, but you need to make sure you're putting that water because the water is going to help flush everything out of your system.


It's going to help keep you full and healthy.



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A lot of times people confuse hunger with thirst. They come back inside and instead of grabbing a glass of water, they go right away and they grab, you know, some chips or cookies, whatever they see, maybe even fruit.


Maybe they're grabbing something healthy, which is also good, but if you're thirsty, you don't need to be putting those excess calories and your system.


Make sure you're not confusing hunger with thirst and a good way to do this is when you come back and you're hungry, maybe instead of eating right away, you drink some water and then you wait for 20 minutes and then you can see, if you are still hungry.


#3 Not Planning Meals


Another big mistake I see is people is they don't plan what they're going to eat for the day.


They kind of just grab whatever they see in the fridge, grab whatever they see at the store, grab whatever they, you know, see the takeout menu. So that's, that's a big thing.


You've gotta make sure you have proper planning. If you plan out your meals where you're going to eat and how you're going to eat, then you're going to be a lot more successful than someone who is just grabbing something from their fridge or fast foot from wherever.


You need to make sure you're planning all of your meals out properly. That doesn't mean you have to, meal prep every Sunday and have everything laid out.


I see a lot of people, what they do is they make a menu for their house, with food, with the list of foods they really like.


And then they make that on certain nights, you know, maybe on Tuesday, they're going to have some tacos.


Wednesday, they're having some pasta, but they're having their nights planned out instead of just randomly grabbing something out of their fridge.


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So those are three big nutrition tips that I can give you is number one, make sure that you're planning out what you're eating.


Number two, don't confuse hunger with thirst, and then number three, portion control.


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