How To Get Your Child an Athletic Scholarship

The pursuit of a college scholarship in sports can be a daunting and often bewildering journey. Parents and athletes embarking on this path often find themselves ill-prepared, unsure of the necessary steps, and questioning what actions they should take or avoid. This article aims to offer guidance and wisdom, gleaned from my experience as a former college athlete and, more importantly, from the perspective of a sports performance trainer.

Securing a college scholarship involves a multifaceted approach that necessitates a clear understanding of your destination, an honest assessment of your capabilities, a commitment to addressing your shortcomings, proactive engagement with coaches, and strategic participation in college camps. In this article, we will delve into these essential components of your college scholarship quest.

Begin With End Game In Mind & Be Realistic

The journey to securing a college scholarship begins with a critical first step: envisioning the endgame. Your destination should be as clear as possible, not just in terms of the college you aspire to attend but also the sport in which you intend to compete. It's a critical decision that shapes the rest of your path.

With your goal in sight, the next task is to backtrack. You need to evaluate your standing relative to athletes who have earned scholarships at your chosen institution. This evaluation should encompass both physical and statistical comparisons and should include a keen assessment of the competition you've faced.

It's imperative to set aside any parental biases. While it's natural to believe your child is exceptional, objectivity is paramount. Realism is your ally, not your adversary. Consider questions such as, “Can my athlete play at a Division I level? Would a Division II scholarship be a more viable option? Or is an NAIA scholarship within reach?”

The ability to honestly appraise your athlete's potential is the first key to your scholarship pursuit. The outcome of this assessment shapes the subsequent steps in your journey.

Filling In The Gaps

With a clear understanding of your destination and a realistic grasp of your athlete's potential, the next step is to bridge the gap between where you are and where you need to be. Suppose you have an athletically gifted child who aspires to secure a football scholarship at a prestigious institution. Still, they lack the required muscle mass and strength—this becomes the glaring gap to address.

The importance of sports performance training cannot be overstated. It's essential to recognize that athletic prowess isn't solely a result of genetic factors. Sports performance training plays a pivotal role in enhancing your athlete's chances of earning a scholarship. This specialized training is designed to target weaknesses, reinforce strengths, and elevate your athlete's physical and performance capabilities.

A coach well-versed in sports performance training can tailor exercises to address these gaps, helping your athlete evolve physically and improving their performance.

Be Proactive

In the competitive world of college scholarships, it's critical to be proactive. While countless high school athletes vie for scholarships, there is a finite number of colleges and coaches to accommodate them. Therefore, you must take the initiative to stand out.

Your proactive approach can include activities such as emailing coaches, sharing game tapes, and leveraging your network to establish connections with coaches. Engaging your athletic director and coaches to share your athlete's accomplishments can also be advantageous.

An invaluable step in securing a college scholarship is attending camps hosted by the institutions you aspire to join. Many colleges offer camps on their campuses, where prospective athletes can showcase their skills. These camps are akin to live tryouts and serve as a golden opportunity to stand out.

By participating in these camps, you can create a lasting impression on the coaching staff and prove your mettle in person. A compelling performance at such a camp can significantly influence your chances of securing a scholarship.

In conclusion, the pursuit of a college scholarship is challenging but attainable. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can navigate this journey with confidence and increased chances of success. Although securing a scholarship is far from guaranteed, the proactive approach, realistic assessment, performance training, and participation in college camps can significantly bolster your athlete's chances.

I would recommend these three things….

The journey toward securing a college scholarship in sports necessitates a strategic and well-defined approach. This journey begins with a clear vision of your goals and ambitions for your athlete. Define the specific college you aspire for them to attend and the sport in which they aim to excel. However, it's imperative to be pragmatic about these goals and consider the inherent challenges.

Realism and Pragmatism are Key

The vital aspect of this process is to remain grounded in realism. To illustrate, let's consider a hypothetical scenario where an athlete, your son, stands at a height of five feet five inches and weighs 170 pounds. While we refrain from categorically stating it's impossible to secure a football scholarship at a Division I school, a statistical analysis may indeed indicate slim chances.

Contrastingly, in the context of Division II, the prospects may differ. In this division, there may be athletes who share similar physical attributes, such as height, making it a more viable option for securing a college scholarship. By realistically assessing your athlete's capabilities, you can refine the pool of potential schools that may express interest in their recruitment.

Bridge the Gap with Sports Performance Training

The next crucial step is the implementation of sports performance training. If your athlete exhibits potential but lacks certain physical attributes, this training can serve as the bridge to success. For example, imagine your athlete stands at a towering height of six feet three inches but weighs merely 150 pounds. In such a scenario, there's room for development, and sports performance training can play an instrumental role.

This specialized training program aims to enhance essential attributes, such as muscle mass, speed, power, and explosiveness. Importantly, these skills are not purely reliant on genetic predisposition; they are learnable and can be significantly improved with the right training regimen. By addressing these aspects, your athlete can potentially open doors to securing a college scholarship.

Devise a Strategic Plan

The final element is the creation of a comprehensive plan. This plan should encompass a list of schools that align with your athlete's capabilities and aspirations. To promote visibility, ensure your athlete's game footage is shared with these schools. Engage with coaches to seek their guidance and support in the recruitment process. Furthermore, participating in sports camps hosted by the colleges of interest can be pivotal in showcasing your athlete's skills and capabilities directly to the coaches.

In conclusion, while obtaining a college scholarship is undeniably challenging, it is an achievable aspiration. By embracing the strategic approach outlined in this article, you can significantly enhance your athlete's prospects. This comprehensive strategy incorporates setting realistic goals, leveraging sports performance training, and devising a well-structured plan. The journey may not be easy, but it is undoubtedly attainable, and your athlete can embark on this path with an elevated chance of success.

I Want My Athlete to Succeed. Where Do I Get Started?

Getting started on this journey requires a commitment to your athlete's success. Sports performance training, guided by NSCA certified trainers, can be a transformative experience that opens doors to scholarships and collegiate opportunities.

Our team of NSCA certified sports performance trainers at the Fort Myers Athletic Performance Facility can help you take the first step toward this life-changing endeavor. The gift of sports performance training is an investment in your athlete's future and can lead to the fulfillment of their collegiate dreams.

Do not delay; start your journey toward securing a college scholarship today.

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