Exercising After An Injury Safely

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Ashley Gray


Hi everyone, this is Coach Chad here at Back in Motion, and today's topic is how to get into exercise safely after injury.


Whether you got knee pain from running, tore your ACL, or experienced muscle strains, you’ve been on the bench for a while. Now, you’re itching to get moving again.


Before you jump straight back into your sport or workout routine, your comeback game-plan should include these steps.


Physical Therapist or Doctor Approval


Now, first things first. You have to make sure you're clear to workout with your physical therapist or doctor.


No matter the severity of your injury or the timeframe of your recovery, you have to make sure your body has had time to fully heal before jumping back into your old routine.


Once they give you the okay, and you're itching to get back into working out, the first thing you don't want to do is jump in full force.




Always come up with a strategy or a game plan with proper programming so that way you don't re-injure yourself or injure something else in the process.


Having a personal trainer who has background knowledge of biomechanics and injury recovery is helpful for this step.


Or even having a Doctor of Physical Therapy on-site helping you start-up and strategize your game-plan with both you and your trainer would be ideal to avoid further injury and pain that could potentially keep you out of the game forever.


We don't want that.


Practice Proper Form


So, now you have a game plan set, you have a nice strategy laid out, you're cleared from your physical therapist.


The first thing I want you to do is always practice proper form.


So, practicing proper form will basically save you in the long haul of any tweaks or anything else that you could re-injure in the process of working out.


Listen To Your Body


So, now once you have proper form and everything's good to go, I just want you to feel your body as you're working out to make sure that your body feels okay during the workout and there's no pain or anything.


I don't want you fighting through the pain or anything like that, because that could cause the muscle to re-injure yourself like a tendon or joints.


Now just a quick recap and summary of what I just discussed.


Always make sure you're cleared with your Physical Therapist.


I don't want you to jump in full force. Start slow and steady.


Come up with a game plan, strategize a proper program for yourself so that way you don't re-injure yourself or anything in the process.


Finally, listen to your body. This is huge.


Always make sure you listen to yourself because you don't, you know yourself better than anyone, so you have to make sure that you listen to your body throughout the whole workout.


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