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22 01, 2022

Why You Should Choose Back In Motion Physical Therapy in Cape Coral, FL

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On This Page: How Pain Affects You, How Can A Physical Therapist Help, Why Choose a Physical Therapist, Why We're Your First Choice, What to Expect, Get Back in Motion, Physical Therapist FAQ Living your life with pain and some type of limiting condition can affect every moment of your day, week, month or year. No matter how small or severe the condition is, it is going to be a constant nudge on your well-being and a block to living your life to the fullest.  Think about this, you want to stand up and catch a good glance of your child performing on stage, but your back pain is not letting you [...]

25 02, 2021

How Physical Therapy Can Save You Time & Money

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  If you're suffering from pain, stiffness, or an injury, such as lower back pain, neck pain, or sciatica, then continue reading this article. I'm going to describe to you why seeing a doctor of physical therapy is your best choice because it's going to allow you to heal naturally and non-invasively. It's going to allow you to get to the root cause of your pain, stiffness, or injury, and it's going to help make you feel normal again and not be reliant on resting, pain killers, or surgeries. Heal Faster One of the best ways to heal your body is with motion, right. We have a saying here at Back [...]

23 11, 2020

FAQ’s About Sports Injuries

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Today we're gonna go over the top frequently asked questions we're asked about sports injuries on a day-to-day basis.   I Was Told That Surgery Is The Only Option. Can You Help Me? The truth is it depends, right. Some patients are told who have an athletic injury, that surgery is their only option. But other times, these patients can be fixed, because maybe the physician or medical provider that was evaluating them had a wrong diagnosis. It really just depends on your end game and goal, where you're trying to get to, and if we can help you.   Should I Use Ice Or Heat? So, that's a big question we [...]

2 10, 2020

6 Surprising Benefits of Physical Therapy

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Haven’t you heard? Physical therapy does WAY more than just help people recover from injuries. If you’re considering physical therapy, you’re already one step closer to a safe, effective, and all-natural way to stay in motion, pain-free, for life. Let’s take it a step even further: we’ve chosen 6 benefits of physical therapy that bring the “wow” factor. You’ll be amazed at the variety of benefits that just a few weeks of therapy can give you!   #1: Boosts Your Immune System We’re going to start with this one, since immunity gets all the hype these days. Physical therapy lijst van kamagra bijwerkingen is one of the BEST ways you can boost [...]

15 07, 2020

Are These False Beliefs Preventing You from Getting Well?

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Are you frustrated and ready to give up on trying to heal your pain or injury? You’ve come to the right place! Our physical therapy clinic in Fort Myers Florida and physical therapy clinic in Cape Coral Florida, see numerous patients come in feeling doubtful and defeated. These same patients leave our physical therapy clinic injury and pain-free, with a whole new, optimistic perspective on pain and injury treatment. We get it – why try another type of treatment when you’ve tried so many without success? The reason why you should try physical therapy for pain and injuries is that it is scientifically proven successful. Want to See [...]