Living your life with pain and some type of limiting condition can affect every aspect of your life.

No matter how small or severe the condition is, it is going to be a constant nudge on your wellbeing and a block to living your life to the fullest. 

Think about this, you want to stand up and catch a good glance of your child performing on stage, but your back pain is not letting you do that.

Or… that competitive running used to be your passion but is now just a dream because the pain in your legs won’t let you run. 

It’s not just your life goals and dreams that get crushed by pain, some of the little things of everyday life get affected so much that sometimes you don’t even realize why. 

Having pain or not being able to do what you want to do can make you irritable and lead to several other mental health issues like sleep disorders and depression.

Your performance at work and daily activities may also witness a decline if you don’t start treating yourself better. 

How Pain Affects You

  • It affects your mood. It makes you more vulnerable to emotional imbalances and puts you at risk of anxiety, depression, and fear. 
  • Your sleep patterns could change. 
  • Pain can block your sensory process and make your performances fall due to the physical discomfort it gives when you do any physical activity. Your confidence levels may go down and social skills can also suffer. 

And treating muscular and joint pain does not mean popping up pills and pain medications now and then. 

As you must have known already, they do not solve actual problems. And in the long term, they will not be of much use either.

You need a permanent solution to once and for all shut the door on pain.

 You need the ability to get back to your original functionality and of possible a better state of being before your injuries. 

Do not make do with limited functionality. It is not a burden you want to carry for a long time. For instance, ignoring hip and knee pain can alter your movement and cause you to compensate.

You need the best possible solutions to get you back on track to full potential. Don’t ever give up on yourself. 

How Can Physical Therapy Help?

Physical therapy is a wide range of treatment practices that helps people of all ages and medical conditions find ways to cope with pain, injuries and be able to function well. 

It helps you elevate the quality of your life by helping you identify the best ways to cope with limiting physical conditions. 

Doctors of Physical Therapy are licensed practitioners who have extensive knowledge of human anatomy and body mechanics. 

They can teach you exercises, stretches and strength building activities that aim to restore functionality and allow for natural healing of your body. 

Reasons Why You Should Choose Seeing a Doctor of Physical Therapy 

  • Deals with pain efficiently

Doctors of Physical Therapy can make use of specialized treatments like manual massages that enable joint and soft tissue mobilization or use technical tools like ultrasound, taping and electrical stimulation to relieve pain.

They provide assured reduction or elimination of pain

  • It’s non-invasive

Physical therapy helps you avoid expensive invasive surgeries to deal with pain or healing from an injury. Even in cases where surgery is mandated, physical therapy can be extremely helpful in preparing the patient and help them get back in shape faster post-surgery. 

For instance, physical therapy can help you heal faster after a knee replacement surgery and make sure you don’t wear out your new ones. 

  • Improves your mobility

The first signs of aging usually appear in the form of restricted mobility. Physical therapy can help you with any problems you have with standing, walking, running, sitting down and bending regardless of your age. 

It can help you find new ways to make the best use of assisting accessories like a cane to put less stress on your body and help you achieve functional mobility. 

  • Helps you recover from an injury…faster

There are specialized sports-based physical therapists who understand the specific types of injuries caused by a particular type of sports and can help you recover properly and be able to get back to your passion safely. 

  • Manages & prevents other medical conditions without dangerous drugs

Physical therapy can be your guide to living an overall healthy life.

Therapists can teach you the right exercises suites for your needs to keep your blood sugar levels in check in case of diabetes and similar conditions.

They can also help you devise the right diet plan to suit your lifestyle and specific needs to keep your fitness on track. 

Therapy can help in rehabilitating several muscular degenerative diseases and motor disorders like tremors, spasms and gait problems. 

Why Back In Motion May Be Perfect For You…

So, now that you can see all the benefits of seeing a Doctor of Physical Therapy, you should also know that choosing the right therapist means everything in physical therapy treatment. 

Let us list some of the advantages of choosing Back in Motion as your physical therapy partner versus other clinics.

  • Personalized and customized care

Physical therapy is a personal process.

Every patient is unique.

Each person has a different threshold to pain, varying muscle strength, a different lifestyle and a quite other varying medical conditions which should all be considered when prescribing a therapeutic treatment. 

The same course of action that was successful for one person’s back pain may not be suitable for the other person. 

Back in Motion understands every nuance behind the science of physical therapy and is able to take care of its patients individually with specialized care. So you can always be assured that you are well taken care of.

  • Educated coaching

It is sad to note that every day many people get injuries from doing what they think will help them be healthier. Or while doing something they love like sports or their everyday work that is hard on their bodies. 

Workplace injuries are even more common for people involved in hard labor but that does not mean office workers have are free of risk. Sedentary workers too need reprieve or they will find themselves prone to back and neck pains. 

Most times physical injuries and pain from labor and sports can all be prevented with proper exercises and coaching on the right way to do things. 

Back in Motion can help you with that sort of assistance that will keep you safe from workplace injuries.

 By analyzing your lifestyle and needs, back in motion’s trained specialists can draw up stretches, exercises, strength training, and workout routines to help you develop any acute or chronic pain conditions. 

Your overall balance, gait, and posture will also be improved and chances of accidental falls and muscle twisting will be greatly reduced. 

  • Specialized Diagnosis and Treatment Process

Back in Motion uses its own specialized treatment process called the Gray Method. It is named after its prestigious founder Dr. Scott Gray. 

This method of diagnosis leaves no stone unturned to find out the exact reason behind your pain or restricted mobility. 

It starts with a general evaluation and goes deeper into a specialized evaluation to discern the accurate diagnosis of the patient. 

It does not stop with the superficial layer of the diagnosis but goes deeper to uncover the underlying root cause. 

For instance, hip pain during running could be ruled off as a tendon injury by a general physician.

 Back in Motion will dig deeper to find out the reason for the injury which could be weak thigh muscles, your foot not moving enough, or no core strength.

 It will also prescribe the necessary treatment to allow faster healing and prevention of similar injuries in the future.

  • Specialty Trained Doctors of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a wide pool of several specializations. 

For instance, there are sports therapists who specialize in rehabilitating sports injuries, there are therapists that specialize in the management of lower back and spinal disorders.

 Back in Motion can assure you that you will find the specialist you are looking for. 

The correctness of a diagnosis also depends on the expertise of your therapist.

Again, Back in Motion excels in this area given the huge knowledge base and specialists it has access to. 

What to Expect at Back in Motion?

  • You will undergo a thorough physical examination and evaluation process that will take every aspect required into consideration. 
  • You will receive an accurate comprehensive diagnosis and prognosis. You will identify the root cause for your pain and physical conditions and be able to deal with them in the most efficient way possible. 
  • You will receive specialized physical therapy and the treatment process will include all your short term and long term goals. 
  • You will receive self-management recommendations and be followed through continued support.

How You Can Get Back In Motion, Too?

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