Are These False Beliefs Preventing You from Getting Well?

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Are you frustrated and ready to give up on trying to heal your pain or injury? You’ve come to the right place!


Our physical therapy clinic in Fort Myers Florida and physical therapy clinic in Cape Coral Florida, see numerous patients come in feeling doubtful and defeated. These same patients leave our physical therapy clinic injury and pain-free, with a whole new, optimistic perspective on pain and injury treatment.


We get it – why try another type of treatment when you’ve tried so many without success?


The reason why you should try physical therapy for pain and injuries is thatW it is scientifically proven successful.


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The Gray Method works because:


  • It treats your pain once and for all by treating the cause of your pain rather than just the symptoms
  • There are no pills, injections, surgeries, or risky treatments
  • Numerous studies such as this study prove that physical therapy can save you time and money


When you’ve suffered from pain or an injury without any treatment success, you may begin to make assumptions that you are just “unlucky” or unable to heal with treatment.


But you’re not simply “unlucky.” There are just too many treatments out there that mask symptoms rather than fix the cause of your pain or injury.


Before you give up on injury treatment, check out these common false beliefs that can prevent you from getting well through physical therapy:


“I’m Cursed”



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“Cursed,” you say? We don’t think so.


You just haven’t found an effective treatment yet.


Medications, injections, supplements, surgeries – does this sound like your life right now? If it does, you’re definitely not cursed. The reason why you aren’t getting better is that these types of treatments are typically unhelpful in fixing the underlying cause of your pain or injury.


Most cases of pain and injuries result from underlying issues such as tightness, weak muscles, or a lack of mobility (how far you can move your joints).


There are a lot of doctors out there that hand out prescriptions or offer injections to “help you feel better.” The problem is that when the prescription runs out or the injection wears off, you will end up right back to where you started.



Seeing a pain management specialist such as a physical therapist is totally different from seeing other types of doctors.


While other doctors’ hand out prescriptions, physical therapists are treating patients with safe and effective solutions such as targeted exercises, stretches, and manual therapy.


“It’s Normal to Hurt as We Age”



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We get it. As you grow older, you start to hear more and more of your friends and family members complain about their “aging pains” and you start to believe that pain is just part of the aging process.


It’s easy to fall into the trap of accepting pain as a part of getting older, especially if you hear a lot of your similarly aged peers talk about pain or injuries as a normal part of aging.


You don’t need to accept pain as a side-effect of getting older. When you get the right treatment, you are not only helping yourself but setting an example for your peers.


You're once doubtful friends and family members may see your recovery and realize they don’t have to accept pain as a part of aging, after all.


“It’s My Genetics”



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We hear a lot of our patients say this with a tone of doubt when they walk into our physical therapy clinic.


This belief isn’t entirely false. Certain body structures can put you at higher risk of developing certain injuries. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat these injuries and prevent them from returning.


Maybe you have flat feet, or your body makes a less than ideal amount of collagen (a protein that supports your ligaments and tendons). These “genetic imperfections” shouldn’t have you feeling hopeless.


A great physical therapist will factor in your genetics when designing your treatment and injury prevention plan. You’ll learn about which injuries you’re more prone to developing and how to prevent and treat them so that they won’t return.


“I Have Arthritis or Degenerative Disc Disease and Nothing Can be Done”



There’s a common misconception that degenerative conditions such as arthritis or degenerative disc disease are not treatable.


Arthritis and degenerative disc disease are not curable, but they are treatable. This means that there are treatments available to help you manage your pain.


The Arthritis Foundation recommends physical therapy as an effective treatment for arthritis and degenerative diseases.


Not only is physical therapy a safe and successful alternative to painkillers, but it can help:


  • Improve your mobility (how far your joints can move)
  • Increase your muscular strength, which will support your joints
  • Restore your ability to perform daily activities that were impacted by your condition
  • Keep you strong and healthy


“Physical Therapy Didn’t Help My Friend, so it Won’t Help Me”



If you know someone who tried physical therapy and didn’t feel better from it, that doesn’t mean that it can’t help you.


There are several reasons why physical therapy may not have worked for your friend. Perhaps your friend did not follow the entire course of treatment, or the physical therapist wasn’t so great.


Here are tips to help you find the best physical therapist in your area:


Do: Don’t:
Verify that the physical therapist is a Doctor of Physical Therapy See a physical therapy assistant rather than a Doctor of Physical Therapy
Make sure that the physical clinic is privately owned Go to a physical therapy clinic that is a chain or is hospital-owned
Confirm that the physical therapist specializes in specific conditions that relate to your condition Visit a physical therapist who generalizes in all areas of the body rather than specializes in certain injuries or conditions
Affirm that the physical therapist works with only one patient at a time See a physical therapist who treats multiple patients at a time


In addition to finding a good physical therapist, it’s extremely important to follow your physical therapy program until the end.



Physical therapy won’t help you feel better overnight – building your strength, mobility, and flexibility takes time – but the reward is relief that lasts.


Some people do feel better immediately from physical therapy and skip the remaining treatments because they feel better. This isn’t good, either, because your injury or pain can return if you ditch the treatment early.


“Physical Therapy Didn’t Help Me in the Past, so it Won’t Help Now”


Don’t let a bad physical therapy experience in the past deter you from seeking treatment now.



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Physical therapy is considered one of the best treatments available for most injuries and pain-causing conditions.


Read the tips in the previous section above to help you find a physical therapist who is experienced and trustworthy. With any healthcare professional, it makes all the difference when you find one who is thorough and reliable.


And, most importantly, don’t give up on treatment if you’re not feeling better right away! Physical therapy will require your full participation and patience in order to work.


Forget those False Beliefs & Start Treatment Today!


We’ve seen patients go from doubtful to delight that physical therapy works!


The reason why our treatment works is that our skilled physical therapists practice a revolutionary form of treatment known as The Gray Method, which is a special type of treatment designed to permanently heal your condition by fixing the cause of your condition.


The Gray Method is a trademarked treatment that is not practiced anywhere else!


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