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Did you hear of Back In Motion from a friend or a physician? Scroll down and learn all the different ways we can help you get back in motion.

Injured in Pain or Unsure of What to Do

Suffering from an injury or being in pain can be extremely frustrating. Our team of experts can quickly pinpoint what’s going on and help you get back to your active lifestyle quickly.

Looking for a 2nd Opinion?

Have you been told surgery is your only option or that nothing can be done? We hear this all the time and would love to see if we can help you.

Do You Suffer From Pain as a Result of an Injury, Illness, or Surgery?

If so, manual therapy may be an excellent solution to your problems! Are you having trouble recovering from an injury or surgery? If so, consider manual therapy as a treatment option. This method of treatment can help relieve pain and improve movement. To learn more, make an appointment with Back In Motion Physical Therapy & Performance today!

Is Manual Therapy Painful?

No, it’s not. Instead, it is extremely effective at relieving pain!

Manual therapy, a hands-on, safe technique, is used by physical therapists to move stiff joints and soft tissue. It is, in other words, a therapeutic technique that aids in treating edema, restraint, joint mobilization, and mobility improvement. We use it for orthopedic patients and athletes at our sports injury clinic.

Many first-time physical therapy patients anticipate a painful or unpleasant treatment. These assumptions are incorrect– manual therapy is both non-invasive and painless. The best part is that no potentially dangerous medications are involved in this treatment.

Our physical therapists are medical professionals familiar with the human body's inner workings. You’ll leave your first appointment with our physical therapist feeling better and more optimistic about the future of your treatment.

Many patients report seeing results after only one session.

Common Conditions That Manual Physical Therapy Can Help With

Poor Posture

Degenerative Disc Disease

Sprain / Strain

Hypermobility Syndrome


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The Different Types of Manual Physical Therapy We Offer

Back In Motion Physical Therapy & Performance in Fort MyersCape Coral & Estero, FL will relieve your pain using a variety of therapeutic techniques. Here are a few popular manual therapy treatments:

Manual traction is the application of gentle pressure to one or more body parts, such as your neck and back, to assist soft tissues in regaining their natural mobility.

A physical therapist uses spinal manipulation to assess and improve spinal function. It also helps with inflammation reduction and nerve function enhancement.

During joint mobilization, low-velocity pressure is used to move confined joints.

Soft tissue massage employs deep pressure techniques and stretching to assist our physical therapists in locating severely restricted areas of your body.

Your therapist at Back In Motion Physical Therapy & Sports Performance can then break up scar tissue and adhesions that appear as a result of inflammation or damage. By increasing blood flow to the muscles and soft tissues, soft tissue massage can aid in healing.

Get in Contact With Us Today About Manual Physical Therapy

Is your limited range of motion causing you distress? Do you find it difficult to engage in many of your favorite activities? Then get in touch with our Fort MyersCape Coral & Estero, FL physical therapy clinic right away! You have nothing to lose except your current pain and inability to move.

Manual therapy can help you get back to living a happy and full life. Furthermore, our caring physical therapists are eager to meet with you and help you get back on your feet and back to doing what you love. Make an appointment with Back In Motion Physical Therapy & Performance right away to get the pain relief you deserve!

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