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5 01, 2022

2021 Wrap-Up: Our Most Helpful Articles For 2021

By |January 5th, 2022|

Another year has gone, and another begins! Happy new year everyone :) For this wrap-up, we have selected our most helpful and popular blog posts of 2021. Your one stop shop for living a pain-free life! Hopefully, you find some value and tactics to help you. Click the article titles to read each article. Don't forget to let us know what your favorite article was of 2020 in the comment section below! We would love to hear from you. Motion Is Lotion: Why Moving Your Body Is So Important Hi, everyone, Dr. James Porco here at Back in Motion in Fort Myers. I want to take some time to share [...]

9 07, 2021

Top 5 Things To Do In Lee County To Stay Active

By |July 9th, 2021|

There are many ways to enjoy Lee County's weather, and not all of them necessitate a trip to the beach, although that is a great way to spend a day as well. Here are some activities that improve your health and wellness while providing you enjoyment.   #1 Biking Bikes are entirely safe for people 50 plus. It's a low-impact and low-stress workout. Biking allows your body to move in fluid motions that do not place undue stress on it. You can cycle for many years without causing harm to your body. Weight gain is a significant concern, and older adults are not as active as they once were. Weight increase can [...]

5 05, 2021

The Biggest Mistake Patients Make Post Physical Therapy

By |May 5th, 2021|

The biggest mistake patients make post physical therapy rehab is not practicing the healthy habits we lay out below in this article. There can be nothing better than getting back on track after an injury with a good round of physical therapy rehab. You finally feel strong enough to take on physical tasks all by yourself without the help of your physical therapist! Congratulations! That's truly some great news. Unfortunately, even though you might be feeling at the top of the world right now with your renewed physical capabilities, you need to practice and inculcate certain habits to ensure that you have a successful outcome from rehab. What are these habits? Let's explore [...]

9 04, 2021

7 Reasons Why You Need Personal Training After Rehab

By |April 9th, 2021|

Even Though Your Rehab May Be Coming to an End, It Doesn’t Mean You Should Stop Exercising... Discover WHY You Should Continue With Our Safe & Effective Personal Training Program at Back In Motion You might be eager for things to get back to normal after your rehabilitation. However, the recovery process takes longer as we age. In addition to this, most people in their fifties or over have other concerns such as weight gain, menopause, mental health, slow metabolism, and other health issues. Keeping up with your family, career, and social life can become a daily struggle. Now that your therapy has ended or is about to, the real work begins. [...]