2021 Wrap-Up: Our Most Helpful Articles For 2021

Another year has gone, and another begins! Happy new year everyone 🙂


For this wrap-up, we have selected our most helpful and popular blog posts of 2021. Your one stop shop for living a pain-free life! Hopefully, you find some value and tactics to help you.


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Motion Is Lotion: Why Moving Your Body Is So Important


Hi, everyone, Dr. James Porco here at Back in Motion in Fort Myers. I want to take some time to share with you all one of our favorite quotes here at Back in Motion, which is MOTION IS LOTION. Or another term would be, movement is medicine. This article will explain all the benefits that simply moving your body can do and why it’s crucial to your life (Read More…)



7 Reasons Why You Need Personal Training After Rehab


You might be eager for things to get back to normal after your rehabilitation. However, the recovery process takes longer as we age. Even though your rehab may be coming to an end, it doesn’t mean you should stop exercising. In this article, you’ll learn why you should sign up for personal training at Back in Motion to look and feel the best you’ve felt in years. (Read More…)



Top 5 Things To Do In Lee County To Stay Active


There are many ways to enjoy Lee County’s weather, and not all of them necessitate a trip to the beach, although that is a great way to spend a day as well. Here are some activities that improve your health and wellness while providing you enjoyment. (Read More…)



Back In Motion With Dr. Scott Gray (Good Neighbor Podcast)


An interview by “Good Neighbor Podcast” Charlie McDermott! A local SWFL podcast “Bringing Together Local Businesses & Neighbors of Fort Myers / Naples.”


Dr. Scott Gray explains the gray areas in the healthcare industry and why he started Back In Motion! (Read More…)



5 Questions To Ask Your Physical Therapist Prior To Treatment


For people who have never been to physical therapy or have tried physical therapy in the past only to be let down, the first visit is a crucial stepping point to finding the right physical therapy and treatment for you.


The truth is, not all physical therapy or doctors of physical therapy are treated the same. (Read More..)



A New Treatment for Arthritis – Blood Flow Restriction Training


If you have arthritis, you know how debilitating it can be. You dread those first agonizing steps and stiffness when you get out of bed each morning. Arthritis prevents many of us from enjoying simple pleasures like taking walks, gardening, bicycling, and playing with grandkids. What if you can eliminate the pain and stiffness of arthritis without dangerous drugs or surgery?


A recent discovery and new treatment allow just that. (Read More…)



How Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Can Change Your Life


Pelvic Floor problems can embarrass even the boldest of people. Pelvic pain, urinary and fecal incontinence, pain with intercourse, and postpartum conditions are issues that many people avoid talking about. Are you ready to say goodbye to your pelvic floor problems and enjoy a higher quality of life? This guide explains how pelvic floor physical therapy can change your life. (Read More…)



Can You Be Pain-Free Even if PT Has Failed You Before?


The short answer is yes, yes you can become pain-free, no matter your experiences in past treatments. That is what we are going to discuss today with you all.


And here’s a hint for what’s to come, it’s not all your fault & there is definitely HOPE!


(Read More…)



Reverse Your Hunchback! Causes, Preventions, And Treatments


Have you seen a round bump on your back while looking in the mirror? Afraid you may have or are developing a hunchback?


These things often make you wish you had listened to grandma when she chastised you about your poor posture and not sitting or walking straight. Now, decades later, your back is wonky, and you don’t know what to do about it. Worry not! We have a lot of answers for you. With us, you will be ‘back to your old self in no time! We can show you exactly how to improve and reverse your hunchback!


(Read More…)

About the Author: Dr. Scott Gray

Dr. Scott Gray is the Owner of Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Performance. Each and Every Week He Helps His Clients & Patients Live Their Life to the Fullest, Get Active, and Get Pain-Free.
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