Can You Be Pain-Free Even if PT Has Failed You Before?

About the Author: Dr. Scott Gray

Dr. Scott Gray is the Owner of Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Performance. Each and Every Week He Helps His Clients & Patients Live Their Life to the Fullest, Get Active, and Get Pain-Free.


The short answer is yes, yes you can become pain-free, no matter your experiences in past treatments. That is what we are going to discuss today with you all.


And here’s a hint for what’s to come, it’s not all your fault & there is definitely HOPE!


Hi, I’m Dr. James Porco, Clinical Director and Physical Therapist here at Back In Motion in Fort Myers, Florida. We specialize in helping people get back to doing what they love to do, pain-free, without the need for surgery, painkillers, and other costly medical treatments or procedures.


I wanted to discuss why and how YOU can become pain-free again, even if PT and other treatments have failed you in the past.


The key part in what I just said, is chances are PT has failed you in the past, not that you have failed PT.


If you resonate with anything I say here, Our trademarked Gray Method™ may be just what you’re looking for. In fact, the vast majority of our patients have had a failed experience with PT prior to seeking us out.


By going to a restaurant or a mechanic, you can have great experiences and poor ones. Just like with those experiences, the same can happen at a PT clinic.


Sometimes in a PT clinic, you can become “lost in the mix” and feel like just a number that is being pumped through from station to station.


Does this sound familiar?


Hot pack, to a quick massage or stretch, to exercise bike to resistance bands, to an estim unit or ice pack then out the door until your next visit all while being passed from provider to provider, mostly being placed on timers without anyone truly keeping 100% focus on YOU?


Here at Back In Motion, we emphasize 1 on 1 treatment with our Doctors of Physical Therapy.


Where our undivided attention is on you and fixing the cause of your pain and not the symptom.


Every minute with you we are analyzing your movements, patterns, habits, or compensations and discovering what potential issues may be causing your symptoms and pain.


I also tend to find that having a poor experience at PT or having “failed” treatment also is a positive.


The reason I say this is because it simply tells us what already didn’t work. It means this time when you start your PT treatment with us, we are not starting from scratch, we are starting from experience.


This will help us discover the cause of your symptoms better and allow us to help you become pain-free.


If you are still unsure or skeptical that our method can work for you, speak to a doctor today for FREE to see if we are a good fit for you!

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