22 01, 2020

Why You Should Choose Back In Motion Physical Therapy

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Living your life with pain and some type of limiting condition can affect every aspect of your life. No matter how small or severe the condition is, it is going to be a constant nudge on your wellbeing and a block to living your life to the fullest.  Think about this, you want to stand up and catch a good glance of your child performing on stage, but your back pain is not letting you do that. Or... that competitive running used to be your passion but is now just a dream because the pain in your legs won't let you run.  It's not just your life goals and dreams that get [...]

28 05, 2019

How a Doctor of Physical Therapy Can Help You Overcome Your Pain, Stiffness, & Injuries Without Surgery, Injections, or Risky Treatment

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Being in pain and looking for answers without risky surgery or being reliant medications can be a frustrating experience. The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way and you're not alone. Continue to read below and discover how seeing a Doctor of Physical Therapy may be the solution you've been loooking for to getting back to your activelifestyle without risky surgery or being addicted to painkillers. The Conditions a Doctor of Physical Treats A Doctor of Physical Therapy is like a medical doctor in that they specialize and treat an array of disorders. The majorty of conditions that they treat is neuromuskuloskeletal. This means if you have stiffness, [...]