We’ve Rebranded! Welcome to Back In Motion Physical Therapy & Performance!

About the Author: Dr. Scott Gray

Dr. Scott Gray is the Owner of Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Performance. Each and Every Week He Helps His Clients & Patients Live Their Life to the Fullest, Get Active, and Get Pain-Free.
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Since 2017, our communities and patients have known our practice as “Back in Motion Spine & Sports Therapy.” We're very excited to announce that we have rebranded and are now “Back In Motion Physical Therapy & Performance.”


We decided it was time to make a change and streamline our name. We were motivated to update our brand to help customers better understand that we offer a diverse assortment of services under one roof.


Whether you're seeking personal training, sports performance training, pelvic health services, golf fitness training, or physical therapy services, you're in excellent hands at Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Performance. Our skilled team strives to keep patients like you healthy and performing at their best– even after being discharged from physical therapy.


We are proud to offer a variety of advanced therapeutic methods at our clinic, including The Gray Method. This is a one-of-a-kind, results-oriented approach to physical therapy. Our primary goal of treatment is to get you the results you want WITHOUT resorting to surgery or other risky procedures.

At Back In Motion Physical Therapy & Performance, we prioritize our patient's needs. We know that quality, patient-centered healthcare focuses on identifying and resolving the underlying cause rather than just treating the symptoms so that you can achieve long-term and permanent relief!

We're excited for this new phase of our business and ready to continue serving the communities with the highest possible standard of care. Don't hesitate to contact our clinic if you need pain relief, athletic training, or personal training. We're looking forward to helping you live a healthier life.



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