27 08, 2020

Plantar Fasciitis Frequently Asked Questions

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Let’s be honest: the feet are easy to forget about. We have “arm day” and “leg day” at the gym, but what about “foot day?” We might shop for the most fashionable footwear, but is it supportive? Many of us don’t pay much attention to our feet until we notice that they are achy or bothersome. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot injuries that results from “neglecting” the feet. If you have heel pain, you may have plantar fasciitis. Treating plantar fasciitis quickly and correctly is crucial to preventing debilitating injuries that result from untreated plantar fasciitis. Our experts in plantar fasciitis treatment Fort Myers answer commonly asked questions [...]

18 08, 2020

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

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“It must be time for new shoes,” you shrug as you notice a dull ache in your heel. You head to the mall, grab a new pair, and feel better as the day goes on. But then you wake up the next morning with heel pain and stiffness again, and then the next, and the next… Eventually, the pain and stiffness are so bad that you can’t do some of your normal activities and have to stop your weekly walks and runs. You have a classic case of plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is hard to spot in the early stages if you haven’t heard of it before. It typically comes on gradually, [...]

17 08, 2018

Causes and Prevention: Why Your Foot and Ankle Are Killing You?

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The condition of your feet can give you a lot of clues about multiple medical issues, like diabetes, arthritis, or sprain. Foot and ankle pain is a widespread problem among people of all ages and gender, and it refers to any kind of discomfort in your foot and ankles. 92.1% of people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis suffer from foot pain, and it substantially impacts their life and work. - NCBI Here we have made a list of causes that might be killing your foot and ankle. Pain No pain should be ever ignored, whether it is acute or chronic. When it is food and ankle pain you can experience: Pain in the morning [...]

11 05, 2018

Severe Ankle Sprain

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Ankle Sprains are one most common sports injuries that can happen to anyone. The ankles support the body’s entire weight, hence are vulnerable to instability.  Walking on a rough surface or wearing the wrong sized shoes causes a sudden loss of balance which makes the ankle twist. The extremity of the turn the ankle takes causes the sprain. The far enough twisting tears the muscle fibers and ligaments responsible for holding the bones together resulting in a sprain.   How Do I Know If I Have a Severe Ankle Sprain? Fancy bandages and couch surfing the internet might not contribute enough for treating the severe ankle sprain. It might not be common, but [...]

11 05, 2018

Does My Ankle Sprain Need Professional Medical Attention?

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Treating an Ankle Sprain, Should I See a Professional? Do you know how to treat ankle sprains? Would you know when to visit a medical professional and when to try and work the kinks out yourself when treating an ankle sprain? The odds are good that you might be unaware of what kinds of ankle sprains require immediate medical attention from the ones that you can – figuratively speaking – walk off. Ankle sprains are painful, annoying, and in some cases may hamper the activities you are used to engaging in. Treating Ankle sprains with rehab is the treatment of a sprain that may be moderate to severe. In some cases, there [...]

11 05, 2018

Why Painkillers May Not Be the Answer For Your Ankle Sprain Recovery

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Ankle Sprain Recovery Timeline The time for an ankle sprain recovery greatly varies from case -to -case. What happens in the initial three hours after the injury occurs, greatly impacts the course of treatment. Adherence to the orders of a trained medical professional in the aftermath determines the ankle sprain recovery time. This recovery period is also determined in great part by the overall health and age of the patient. However, if the person fails to completely follow all the rules and regulations set forth by a medical professional, there is a good ch-ance that a complete recovery may takes months instead of weeks. Should Painkillers be a Factor in Ankle Sprain [...]

8 05, 2018

How to Get Back on Your Feet With Ankle Physical Therapy

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Introduction To Ankle Physical Therapy The ankle bears the weight of our body making it highly prone to injuries. One of the most common injuries to the human body is ankle injury, which can typically be sprains or strains, inflammation of the Achilles tendon or Achilles tendonitis and fractures. There are many possible reasons for any of these problems from wearing improper or inappropriate footwear to overuse of the muscles in your ankle and trauma caused by accidents. Ankle injury can happen to you whether you are an athlete, a sales person required to stand for long hours in your job, or if you simply tripped while walking. How Ankle Physical Therapy [...]

1 01, 2018

Common Sports Injuries Part 1: Ankle Sprains

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Ankle sprains are something to which anyone and everyone relates to. A simple misstep can give you an excruciating amount of pain within microseconds. For Dancers, Rockstars, athletes, or any other sportsperson, a minor musculoskeletal sprain is common but yet deadly as in terms of the timing of it. It can cost step backs in their respective careers. Also, a severely sprained ankle may not heal properly as it could lose its range of motion and stability, resulting in recurrent sprains in the future. Most Common people try to tough out ankle injuries by waiting to heal on its own and not seeking medical attention. But it is always advised to get [...]

29 11, 2017

How to Prevent Running Injuries (Part 2): Enhancing Ankle Mobility

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Why Ankle Mobility Is Important To Prevent Running Injuries... Running injuries are common place with recreational and elite runners. Most running injuries can be prevented with a sound training program mixed with strength training, proper shoe wear, and adequate mobility and strength. In this post, we're going to disclose one of the main reasons why runners get injuries..... In this regard, it is lack of adequate ankle mobility.  We''ll disclose why runners need ankle mobility, how to test it on themselves, and finally how they can improve upon it. Lastly, will talk about the importance of proper shoe wear. If you missed last week's post you can find it by Clicking Here. [...]