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28 07, 2021

How The Gray Method™ Can Help With Bunions

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Have you had surgery to remove your bunions only to have them grow back? Bunions can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Most bunions cannot be self-treated and require medical attention for long-term relief. However, the good news is that there are non-surgical options that can help you out. Most medical professionals will recommend surgery to remove painful bunions. The problem.... Surgery doesn't get to the root cause of your bunions and simply addresses the symptoms. And because of that, bunions will gradually return after removal. This article will cover the definition and symptoms of bunions, followed by how physical therapy is the best non-surgical bunion treatment option that helps to improve and [...]

16 06, 2021

How To Choose The Right Shoes For You

By |June 16th, 2021|

What do you look for when you go shoe shopping? The look? The style? The color? Or simply just the name of the brand? Well, here's some news for you! There is a lot that goes into orthotics that you need to consider before you choose your shoes! A lot of these considerations are beneficial in keeping your feet happy and healthy as you indulge in your favorite activities. What's more, custom orthotics can also help you prevent injuries and keep your entire body healthy at the same time! So, how do you choose the right shoe for yourself? Here are the eight main things you need to look for! #1 Look For [...]

18 09, 2019

5 Things to Look for In a Custom Foot Orthotic

By |September 18th, 2019|

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of foot orthotics but not sure what you should be looking for then continue to read below as the top five things to look for in a great foot orthotic are disclosed. Seeing our Doctors of Physical Therapy in Fort Myers Florida can help discern if you need customs orthotics. What Exactly Is a Foot Orthotic Anyway? A foot orthotic is a “shoe insert” or a fabricated device that can slip into your shoes or sandals. It’s main goal is to help alleviate pain and joint mal-alignment but to ultimately enhance human function. For instance, whether you’re a mom looking to be able to [...]