How Do I Know If I Have a Severe Ankle Sprain

Treating a severe ankle sprain is not as simple as keeping the ankle taped up and not moving it. When doctors diagnose a severe ankle sprain they may even recommend that surgery be considered to repair the ligament tear. A severe ankle sprain usually falls under the heading of a grade three sprain. This denotes the virtually complete tearing of the ligament.

The pain is intense and the swelling and bruising that now characterize the appearance of the affected limb give a good first indication that this severe ankle sprain needs a lot more than simply a round of ice pack and rest treatments. Patients report hearing a popping sound or a tearing sound when they describe their injury. Initially patients may visit an emergency room and have x-rays and MRI testing done.

Failure to heed the doctor’s direction may lead to an increased risk of re-injuring the severe ankle sprain. The limb becomes prone to sprain injuries and a host of other movement related injuries. These injuries may have an adverse effect on the activities the patient may be able to undergo. This is not to say that every severe ankle sprain requires surgery. Instead, it is a warning that failure to consider this option when suggested by a doctor may lead to a much-impacted joint that may be a surgery waiting to happen.

Severe Ankle Sprain Treatment

Those patients who simply do not wish to undergo a ligament repair for their severe ankle sprain usually find that prolonged periods of inactivity, frequent ice packs, and the use of anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy can indeed make some dent into the unpleasantness of the injury. Even after undergoing a surgery to repair a severe ankle sprain, it is a wise idea for patients to work with a highly experienced physical therapist regain use of the ankle. This prevents a penchant for re-injury and it also allows for a gradual buildup of strength.

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