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11 02, 2021

Back In Motion With Dr. Scott Gray (Good Neighbor Podcast)

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Charlie McDermott: Welcome to Episode Number 334 of the Good Neighbor Podcast. And today, it's Back in Motion. We have Dr. Scott Gray. Scott, how you doing? Dr. Scott Gray: I'm good. Thanks for having us on. Charlie McDermott: Yeah, yeah, thrilled to have you because there's nothing better than getting folks, one, out of pain, two, back to the life of quality versus just existing. And, and certainly, not only do you have a knack for that, but you have your, your own method, and I want to get into that. But let's start with, Scott, tell us a little bit about your company, Back in Motion. Dr. [...]

22 01, 2021

Motion Is Lotion – Why Moving Your Body Is So Important

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Hi, everyone, Dr. James Porco here at Back in Motion in Fort Myers. I want to take some time to share with you all one of our favorite quotes here at Back in Motion, which is MOTION IS LOTION. Or another term would be, movement is medicine. This article will explain all the benefits that simply moving your body can do and why it's crucial to your life. Musculoskeletal Benefits The reason we use these terms is that it is the most natural way for the body to heal itself. When we talk about movement is medicine or motion is lotion, a lot of people think, "Oh, exercise, [...]