How The Gray Method™ Can Help With Headaches

Headaches are the absolute worst for any of us. They don’t let us say we’re sick and don’t let us function properly either.


Many of us suffer from various kinds of headaches almost regularly and have in some ways just given up on treating them.


But that’s not your only option here.


You can treat the root cause of your pain and get pain relief.


Are you thinking about meds?




While pills are effective to give you instant relief, they only treat the symptoms and not the cause.


This means your headaches will continue to come back again and again until you fix the root cause.


When you treat the root cause of your headaches, you begin to have healing like nothing before, and before you know it, you’re pain-free!


Tension headache treatment is possible when you do physical therapy the right way with the GRAY MOTHOD™.


What Is A Tension Headache?


The most common headache known to almost everyone is the tension headache.


Tensions headaches are caused due to your stress and poor lifestyle choices that ultimately make your body’s alarms go full swing.


This stress can also result in tight muscles in the back of the neck and scalp which can cause these types of headaches to form.


Although there are some other headaches caused by imbalances in your body due to hypertension, tumors, or other causes, headache caused by tension on the musculoskeletal is the most common.


Physical therapy is tailor-made to deal with this issue and is different for different people.


Thus, you would take the right solution made just for the sake of your body.


Tension Headache Causes


Tension headaches are by far the most common types of headaches there are. But they are not caused by emotional tensions alone.


They can also be caused by the stress and anxiety between your neck muscles.


While emotional stress can be one factor, it is not the only cause.


When your neck muscles are unduly stressed due to physical imbalance, weakness or damage, it causes pain on your entire head.


Some tension headache triggers include:


  • Poor posture
  • Not enough rest
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional or mental stress, including depression
  • Dehydration
  • Smoking
  • Low iron levels
  • Alcohol
  • Not exercising


Physical Therapy: Tension Headache Treatment


You start to suffer pain in an isolated part of your head when your neck starts to get strained beyond a certain point.


Drugs can’t help you much in this scenario and will only delay the problem instead of solving it. In such cases, having physical therapy can help you finally get relief from those nagging headaches because it focuses on the root cause of the issue and not just the symptoms and result.


A physical therapist will start by examining your posture and looking for stress points. Your medical history and symptoms will be cross-examined to give you the best therapy that’s customized perfectly to you.


Functional exercises and manual therapy techniques designed to loosen, lengthen, and relax the muscles of your neck and shoulders would give you all the leverage to set your muscles right and provide relief by easing spasms that cause such headaches to you.


Sometimes you might need exercises that help strengthen the muscles of your neck and remove any weakness therein.


Exercises are just one part of your journey to relief.


An excellent physical therapist would also recommend massage therapy, ultrasound, and lifestyle changes to maximize your therapy’s effectiveness.


Lifestyle changes, too, are part of physical therapy.


Understanding your body and observing what situations or actions cause you headaches and isolating them would help you greatly reduce all your headache-related problems.


While learning about physical therapy can be a great relief in itself, finding the right physical therapist who is trained in The Gray Method™ can give you the right set of advice and treatments to help you with your journey towards healing.




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