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Do you still have the mistaken belief that massage is a “luxury item” firmly outside of your budget?

Read about our “Deep Tissue Massage” service and the powerful impact it can have in the battle against your biggest health challenges!

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Benefit From Our Deep Tissue Massage Service…

Deep Tissue Massage

Read Below To Discover How Massage Can Be Your Newest – And Most Affordable Weapon – Against Back And Neck Pain, Achy Joints, High Stress Levels, Injury Recovery And More…

Deep Tissue Massage Fort MyersWe’ve all watched those scenes in the movies where some wealthy person is chatting away on the phone while in the middle of a massage…

The masseuse (for some reason always dressed in white) did their work in silence, and was often rudely waved away when the wealthy client was done, had a meeting to get to, or other important affairs on their agenda.

Such a cliché…

As if only the rich and famous “deserve” massage treatments.

Well, I’m here to tell you, those days are long gone.

Massage Has Now Moved From The “Luxury Category” To A Necessary Part Of Your Self-Care Routine…Especially If You Suffer From Any Of The Conditions Below.

  • In the same way that meditation transformed from a hippie activity of the 60’s into a scientifically proven method to improve with brain health, combat stress and more…

  • Massage now has a strong foothold in the world of modern health treatments.

  • And deservedly so!

Who Can Benefit From “Deep Tissue Massage”?

Massage is primarily associated with stress relief and relaxation.

And while this is a powerful benefit, massage has usefulness far beyond relaxation…

  • Back and neck pain relief from injury or prolonged sitting – Without question, this is our No. 1 complaint at our clinic. Whether your neck and back pain resulted from an injury or prolonged sitting, addressing your tense and strained muscles has a direct impact on your quality of life.

    Massage can give you back your freedom of movement, and put a stop to your pain and stiffness.

  • Rest and Recovery – In our over scheduled and fast-paced world, taking a moment to “reboot” is more vital to our health than ever before. Massage has a direct impact on our ability to achieve complete rest and recovery from life’s demands.
  • Postural issues – If you do any kind of repeated movements, or are forced to sit for prolonged periods in front of a screen of some sort, it’s likely your posture is suffering, and you along with it. Massage can attack those stiff, aching and “fused” muscles, and return them to a natural state.
  • Constricted breathing relief – Stress and anxiety are at epidemic levels across our society. It’s been proven that these conditions can restrict our breathing and directly affect our lung capacity and general health.

    Correct massage technique can “free up” your breathing again, resulting in better health and a clearer mind.

  • Improved blood flow and, as a result, improved movement and function – Things like muscle spasms, scar tissue, poor blood pressure and even clothing can restrict blood flow, resulting in swelling of the joints and limbs.

    One of the primary benefits of massage is improved blood flow throughout the blood vessels and lymphatic system. Proper blood flow leads directly to improved bodily function, better overall health and few movement restrictions.

  • Better flexibility – The loss of range of motion in our muscles is a serious problem, especially as we age. When we lose flexibility and mobility, our very independence can be compromised. Poor flexibility also includes an increased possibility of falling!

    Massage has been shown to make muscles more pliant and flexible. This means better mobility and less likelihood of injury.

  • Increased rate of recovery from injury or surgery – If you’ve ever suffered a serious injury or gone through surgery, you’ve experienced how your body responds. Muscles can lock down like a vice! That’s the body’s way of trying to protect the area that’s hurt.

    The problem is, once muscles get that way, it can be difficult to regain that natural movement. By receiving a proper massage, you can increase your rate of recovery dramatically by freeing the body to do its job.

I Think You’ll Agree…None Of These Conditions Are “Indulgences” You Should Ignore!

  • So if proper massage has such significant benefits, why are so many people hesitant to use it?

  • To be honest, aside from the pricing misconception, massage has an image problem.

  • Poorly trained practitioners who get no results, and—I hate to say it—seedy business establishments present barriers to people who could truly benefit from massage from seeking it out.

  • Well, no more.

  • At Back In Motion Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, we have painstakingly vetted and trained our massage therapists on the proper application of massage as a treatment…not an indulgence.

  • Today’s massage has clear medical applications designed to accelerate your healing process and make you feel better then you ever thought possible!

  • Just like any other therapy, we have multiple methods at our disposal.

  • We invite you can contact one of our onsite experts to discuss which approach is best for you and your situation, and get started putting the power of massage to work for you!

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Anita Munoz is one of Fort Myer’s best massage therapists. She has over 15 years of experience helping patients feel relaxed, stress-free, and alleviated from pain.

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