How Carol Eliminated Her Herniated Disc & Hip Pain

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Hi, I’m Carol!


I’ve been coming to Back In Motion for several months now. I originally started to come here and see Dr. Gray because I had bulging discs in my back.


He worked with me for several months, which definitely helped the pain.


But as time went on, I still had pain but it was mostly down my left side.


Dr. Gray suggested had that checked out because he thought it was my hip, which at this point I didn’t realize that I had a hip problem.


So I went to have my hip analyzed, ended up with a hip replacement.


“If it wasn’t for Dr. Gray analyzing that, I probably would have continued to suffer for several months because of the fact that I had no idea it was my hip.”


Back In Motion’s way of working with patients is not like the cookie-cutter physical therapy clinic.


For example, you walk in, you go on a bike, they give you a schedule and you come in for several weeks, and you do the same exercises over and over, and then you get so bored you don’t even want to go anymore.


Whereas when you go to Back In Motion, they analyze your situation and they determine what you need, and it’s always different every time you come.


There are some similarities to the things they do with you, but they do change things over to make it more interesting and also to help the situation.


When Dr. Gray is analyzing you and you’re exercising, he sees what your needs are and continues to help you.


And he won’t let you go until your ready, and I appreciate that.


“Going to Dr. Gray and working with his staff, was the best thing I ever did!”


Dr. Gray and his staff have met my expectations more so than I ever thought I could get from a physical therapy organization.


All of their physical therapists are doctors in physical therapy which is great, so they’re very well versed.


I HIGHLY recommend Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Performance for any situation, as far as back problems, hip problems, knee problems, they can help you!

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