2021 Wrap-Up: Our Most Popular Articles

Another year has gone, and another begins! Happy new year everyone 🙂


For this wrap-up, we have selected our most helpful and popular blog posts of 2021. Your one stop shop for everything fitness & sports performance! Hopefully, you find some value and tactics to help you.


Click the article titles to read each article. Don’t forget to let us know what your favorite article was of 2020 in the comment section below! We would love to hear from you.



3 Ways To Fix Lower Back Pain When Squatting


Are you suffering from lower back pain when squatting? In this article we talk about three different ways that you can prevent lower back pain when squatting. The squat is a movement pattern that’s been around for hundreds of years and we need to squat, but it should never be painful.


There are three main reasons why the majority of people will get back pain while squatting. (Read More…)



29 Motivational Workout Quotes | BackInMotion


At Back In Motion Fitness & Performance, we know how difficult it is to keep and stay motivated with your fitness and health goals. We see it every day with our clients. The good news is, you’re not alone! Sticking to your fitness goals can be tough especially when you’re starting out. You might be ready to throw the towel and give up. But that’s when some powerful words and motivational quotes can help save the day and keep you on track!


Here are 29 workout and fitness motivation quotes that may be just what you need to rise above your excuses and accomplish your goals. Write them down, print them out, repeat them over and over until they stick! (Read More…)



5 Of The Most Hated But Beneficial Exercises


You might be one of those who absolutely love working out but really hates leg day at the gym. Well, you’re not alone! In my personal experience as a physical trainer, there are some exercises that people dread doing no matter what time of the day it is. Let’s go over some of them and understand how they can be beneficial to you instead. (Read More…)



Improving Athletic Performance Part 1 (Youth Baseball Players)


The big thing I want to touch upon is strengthening the lower body because that’s where baseball players are going to get all their power from when you’re throwing a ball, especially when they’re pitching or catching.


The lower half of the body is where athletes are getting all their explosion and power to increase that velocity. So here are a couple of lower body exercises to help increase your athlete’s explosion and power in baseball. (Read More…)



Overtraining Syndrome – All You Need To Know


Overtraining syndrome refers to a condition where an athlete experiences extreme fatigue, along with a noticeable decline in performance caused by an overly rigorous training regime.


Overtraining is said to affect the overall mood of the athlete, adversely impacting their motivation, increasing the likelihood of injury and an impaired immune system. Overtraining syndrome can lead to burnout, which is caused by the physical and emotional burden of training. (Read More…)



5 Reasons Why People in Their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s Need a Personal Trainer


“Yes, I want to feel better, get healthy, lose weight but….” Is your health on your mind (more often)? Do you think about getting better sleep or losing some weight? Have you been so busy working, that you just let things slide?


Maybe you tried that fad diet or joined weight watchers and it just didn’t work. Did you join a gym and then quit because you didn’t feel like going? Then it’s time to count on an expert, someone who knows all about this and can help you.


There is one sure-fire way to improve: hire a personal trainer and say hello to better health and achieving your goal. In this article, you’ll learn exactly why hiring a personal trainer is the next step. We’ll describe 5 reasons why personal training will help you regain your confidence and ideal health. (Read More…)



7 Reasons Why Your Athlete Needs Sports Performance Training


If you’ve found this article, chances are you are a parent of an athlete and you have ambitions of them making the team, increasing thier playing time, becoming a star athlete, getting a college scholarship, or possibly going pro someday.


But, as a parent, you know when they aren’t living up to their full potential or playing their best or maybe their missing that “missing” component to get them over the hump. That’s where sports performance training comes into play.


Sports performance training is needed for athletes to reach their maximum potential in sports. (Read More…)

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