How Samir Achieved His Ideal Health & Fitness Goals


Hi my name is Samir Sutaria.


Coming to Back In Motion my goal was to get back into working out because I've been out of the game for about three years, and then I was also getting married back in November so I just wanted to get back in shape overall.


Since starting Back in Motion, I've seen an overall improvement everywhere.


There's definitely been muscle mass, muscle definition, my strength has also increased!


And when I first started about 10 weeks ago, I was deadlifting a 50-pound kettlebell, now I can deadlift 300 pounds, well, 290, sorry. I'm exaggerating a little.


My overall fitness has been much better as well, my nutrition has improved.


I wasn't eating a lot before, because I was doing intermittent fasting, and Chad told me about how it's actually more harmful to the body and that eating four or five times a day throughout the day at about 2,500 calories is a lot more beneficial.


Also, as soon as I started changing my diet, I started getting improvement in my sleep, in my workouts, and I had more energy throughout the day as well.


So, coming to Back in Motion has definitely helped me hit all of the goals and helped me learn a lot of stuff to continue my fitness journey.


When I was researching gyms and trainers, I decided to go with Back in Motion because it was one-on-one training and more of a private setting.


There wasn't that huge gym feel with a whole bunch of gym trainers all talking about different things.


I always like to be consistent.


When I met Chad and Dr. Gray, it was a lot more streamlined than what I saw form other gyms or trainers.


The process was easier to understand.

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Ashley Gray
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