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 Can Vertigo Disappear on Its Own? Find Out the Truth

Many people who are diagnosed with a vestibular problem, such as vertigo, assume that there is nothing that they can do to treat the dizziness, other than wait it out.

This assumption is not only wrong – it is hazardous to your well-being.

The truth is that dizziness takes so much longer to recover from without proper treatment. It rarely goes away with only time.

Each day that you neglect treatment is a day where you are at increased injury and fall risk.


How a Vestibular Problem (Like Vertigo) Impacts Your Quality of Life

When your vestibular system is impaired, your quality of life is, too.

Simple tasks can feel difficult. You may constantly worry about falling and avoid your favorite activities due to a high fall/injury risk.

Anti-dizziness medications and home exercises are not safe treatments because they do not retrain your balance and permanently solve the problem.


Here’s What You Should Know About Vertigo & Vestibular Problems

If you have vertigo or another type of vestibular problem, you’re probably familiar with one or more of these symptoms:

  • Dizziness
  • Feeling off-balance
  • Falling/Stumbling

The cause of vestibular problems such as vertigo have to do with a disconnection between your brain and the cochlear fluid in your inner ear.

The most common causes of this disconnection include debris in the inner ear, certain medications, too much fluid in the ear, head injury, or an inner-ear infection.

See your doctor to get a proper diagnosis (they may refer you to specialists such as an ENT or neurologist). In the meantime, attend vestibular therapy to jumpstart your recovery and reduce your fall risk.


There’s a Better Solution for Your Vertigo that Will Improve Your Life

Too many adults with vertigo think that taking anti-dizziness medications and “waiting it out” is the only solution.

Don’t fall for that dangerous way of thinking: there is a better solution that will alleviate your symptoms and improve your balance safely.

The solution? Vestibular therapy.


I How Vestibular Therapy at Back in Motion Makes Your Life Worry-Free

Imagine how wonderful it will feel to get back to your normal life without the fear of falling.

Imagine gaining control over your condition and having the confidence to move safely even if you get an episode of vertigo.


Our vestibular therapists at Back in Motion Sport and Spine in Fort Myers, Florida, know-how nerve-wracking these problems feel. 

That’s why we want you to know that you CAN get back to your normal life with the right treatment. 

What makes our treatment unique? 

We fix the root-cause of your problem rather than just the symptoms. This means that your treatment plan is tailored to your specific condition and underlying cause, which is why it is the safest and most successful treatment option available.

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