The Biggest Misconceptions About Women’s Fitness Debunked

About the Author: Ashley Gray

Ashley Gray


With so much misinformation and myths surrounding women’s fitness out there, it’s easy to become misinformed and miss out on the results you want from your workouts.


Subscribing to these myths that are so popular within the fitness world could be ruining your results and prevent you from achieving your health and fitness goals!


Fortunately, this article can provide the information you need to update your fitness routine for the better.


Let’s look at 5 of the most common myths that we hear at BIM Fitness and Performance on a day-to-day basis and debunk them once and for all!


1) The longer I workout the better results I will see


So the first one is that even if you train for hours, you’re going to get the best results that you’re looking for, and that’s a myth.


So what reality is, is that it’s all about the quality of what you’re doing at each training session.


So if you’re doing strength training in combination with some higher intensity, really getting that heart rate up, you can get a better quality workout in and burn just as many calories as you would for biking for a few hours at one time.


2) If I do only core exercises, I will lose weight in my stomach faster


Another misconception is that you just want to lose weight from one specific area, so the only exercise that you do is for that area.


For example, a lot of women really want to lose those love handles that they have around their waist, and so they only focus on ab exercises.


The way we lose calories is from across the body, not just from one specific area.


So eventually, you’ll lose weight from that area if you continue to burn calories and work out, but you can’t just lose weight from your stomach.


3) I will become bulky if is strength train and lift weights


The third misconception would be that you’re going to be bulky if you strength train or lift weights.


And that’s a myth because we recommend personal training or strength training at least one to two times a week.


Women tend to avoid the weight room because they think cardio is the only way to lose weight and strength training will cause them to bulk up and gain weight.


Women on average have 30 percent less muscle fiber to develop than men, which means it would be much more difficult for a woman to get bulky in the first place.


The benefits of strength training far surpass regular exercise and it is yet looked down upon because of certain myths around it.


You’ll improve your muscle definition. But in combination with some higher intensity cardio workouts, you won’t be bulky like a bodybuilder.


4) I should slow down my fitness as I age


And the last biggest misconception that we hear is that as you age, you should become less physically active, and that is the complete opposite.


So as you age, you actually want to continue to be physically active because that helps reduce the chronic medical conditions that you can endure with natural aging, and it can help continue to improve your quality of life from a physical standpoint and emotional.


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