14 04, 2020

Shoulder Physical Therapy In Fort Myers, FL : Here’s How to Make Your Shoulders Strong, Flexible, & Pain-Free

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Don’t just shrug it off – weakness, pain, and stiffness can disappear for good with this simple treatment.  So, you have shabby shoulders. You can’t rotate them the way you used to, lift your arm up overhead,  and they feel weak, stiff, or painful. There’s no need to “shrug it off” and suffer—we have a treatment that’s scientifically proven to mend your shoulder injury or pain.  Shoulder physical therapy is a type of treatment that is frequently recommended by doctors because it is a proven method of treating most shoulder conditions. According to recent scientific studies, physical therapy is a highly effective way to speed up the long-term recovery of common shoulder [...]

31 05, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Shoulder Physical Therapy

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Overview of Shoulder Physical Therapy: If you’re having shoulder pain, stiffness, or even difficulty raising or reaching your arm overhead or behind your back then you may benefit from shoulder physical therapy. In this article, we’ll disclose the most common shoulder conditions that can be treated conservatively without injections or requiring surgery. Shoulder Conditions Physical Therapy Can Help With: Rotator Cuff Tears A rotator cuff tear involves a partial or full thickness tear of your rotator cuff. The rotator cuff consists of four muscles that help control the movement of your shoulder in the ball and socket. When injured, they can make it difficult to raise your arm overhead. Shoulder [...]

26 09, 2018

3 Signs of Poor Posture

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It is difficult to keep track of your postures every hour, all day. Still, you can often catch yourself and others around you hunched over phones or computer screen. Of course, it is not right – a fact all of us are well aware of. Forward head, slumped shoulders, hunch back, and flat feet – all these are biggest examples of poor postures. You can have some of them, or you might even have all of them! In either case, poor postures cause adverse effects on your health. The older we get, bad habits, like slouching cause muscle tension and fatigue, ultimately leading us to bad postures. The good news is that [...]