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22 05, 2020

Common Sports Injuries: Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow

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It’s no secret that sports requiring repetitive swinging will stress the elbow. Swinging a club or racquet in poor posture, without proper warmup, or with a sudden increase in duration or intensity are the most common reasons why athletes suffer from tennis and golfer’s elbow. Tennis and golfer’s elbow are both conditions caused by damage to the tendons. Other sports where athletes run a higher risk of incurring tennis or golfer’s elbow include baseball, football, racquetball, archery, weightlifting, fencing, and other racquet sports. If you work a profession that involves repeated elbow movements (such as painters, plumbers, cooks, construction workers, and gardeners), your risk of developing tennis or golfer’s elbow increases. So, [...]

5 02, 2018

Common Sports Injuries- Golfer’s Elbow Part 5

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 What is Golfer's Elbow? If you love to stay healthy and fit you probably have heard of this common sports injury- golfer's elbow.  Golfer's elbow is a tendon irritation on the inside of your arm.  It is usually worst with golfing, picking up objects, opening doors, or even writing with a pencil or pen. The correct medical term for golfer's elbow is medial epicondylitis. The medial epicondyle is a bony process on the inside of your elbow. Several elbow muscles attach on this bony protuberance and can produce pain when they are overworked or irritated. Here is a quick image where you can see where the pain is usually present: This [...]