Sprinting Mechanics For Athletes

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Hi, everyone, this is Dr. James Porco with Back In Motion in Fort Myers, FL. In this article, we’re going to be talking about sprinting mechanics for athletes.


90/90 Angle


When we want to get our athletes stronger, faster, and more explosive, obviously, we’re going to be doing things such as Olympic lifting, plyometric drills.


But one of the things that often gets overlooked or undervalued is actually what we do with the upper body when we’re talking about sprinting. And today, we’re gonna be talking about the arm swing and the upper body posture during a sprint.


One of the things we want to be making sure of is that we have what we call a 90/90 angle at our, upper body. So what we’re gonna be looking for is about a 90-degree angle at the elbow.


When we’re swinging the arms we’re running through about a 90-degree angle between the shoulders. We’re also looking for a relaxed head and relaxed shoulders. And then, a forward trunk angle when we’re actually sprinting.



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Speed Training Exercise


A drill that we actually use to work on this with our athletes is having the athlete sit on the ground with their feet extended straight in front of them in what we call a long sitting position.


Now, from this position, we have the athlete lift their arms up in that sprinting 90/90 angle and have them with an upright chest, relaxed head. I’m going to have them pump those arms as fast as he can in a sprinting mechanic.


Watch the video at the beginning of the article to see what this exercise looks like.


What we’re looking for is any popping off the ground. That’s how much momentum they are generating from the torso and the upper body.


So what we do is we can break this up into blocks, and when he starts losing his mechanics we can take a break and then reset. We’re really looking for proper posture and alignment here.


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