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“Wishful Thinking That Your Shoulder Will Heal On It’s Own
Is Not A Viable Game Plan!”

“Wishful Thinking That Your Shoulder Will Heal On It’s Own Is Not A Viable Game Plan!”

Shoulder Pain & Injuries is ONE of the most common complaints we deal with in our practice.

And they will NOT simply vanish on their own. We hear from patients on a daily basis who have gone to their primary physicians for help, only to be told to take some painkillers and “see how it goes”.

Instead of putting a proven neck pain treatment plan together, you start to believe your knee pain is just a part of your life you have to accept. Your new “normal”… STOP!

It may be time to come see us if you are experiencing any of the following shoulder pain signs or symptoms:

  • Difficulty raising your arm overhead
  • Crackling noise or feeling when rotating the shoulder
  • Locking sensation in the shoulder joint
  • Pain while throwing a ball/object
  • Clicking, grinding, or clunking sound when moving the arm
  • Limited range of motion in the arms and shoulder
  • Swelling and stiffness in the shoulder area
  • Pain when pressure is placed on the affected shoulder

What Can You Expect From Shoulder Pain Treatment At Back In Motion…

What Can You Expect From Shoulder Pain Treatment At Back In Motion…

Within just a few short sessions, we can remove your pain and stiffness

Your physical therapist will determine the cause of your pain by asking questions, listening to your story, and taking you through a physical examination that will test your strength and range of motion.

Symptoms of certain shoulder conditions will mirror those of other shoulder conditions, but the treatment for each condition will vary.

Our shoulder physical therapist have the training and education to give you an accurate diagnosis and recovery plan.

Some of the most common shoulder conditions we treat include:

Shoulder Pain Patient Success Stories

Shoulder Pain Patient Success Stories

“I had shoulder pain that prevented me from doing my work. It even prevented me from doing my fitness routine. Dr. Gray’s Gray Method pin-pointed exactly what my problem was and what treatment I needed. I can honestly say I am now pain free.”

Barb Steinberg

“I had rotor cuff surgery on my left shoulder. Dr. Gray has been doing this dry needling pulsation. Where he puts the needles in my shoulders. I was never able to lift my shoulder up like this before. Four treatments. Don’t hesitate to come to Back In Motion

Johnny Kolakowski

“I had a rotator cuff injury in my shoulder. I thought my only option was surgery; however, after seeing Dr. Scott I avoided that and I am back to my old routine.”

Mary Stoia

Our Approach to Treating Shoulder Pain

Our Approach to Treating Shoulder Pain

  • The Gray Method™ An approach invented by our owner, Dr. Scott Gray. The premise behind everything focuses on pinpointing the original CAUSE of your injury, pain, or stiffness, rather than just addressing the symptoms.

  • Dry Needling Dry needling is an advanced technique that uses very small needles to puncture the skin around stiff muscles. This treatment is a safe and effective way to eliminate pain, muscle tension, stiffness, and muscle spasms.

  • Massage/Myofascial Release A hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure and massage to the myofascial connective tissues. Your therapist will gently massage the myofascia and feel for stiff or tightened areas to eliminate pain and restore motion.

  • Patient Education- Part of a physical therapist’s job is to educate a patient about ways to improve their condition at home, such as changing their habits or improving their posture while sitting, standing, or performing activities such as sports.

  • Joint Mobilization & Manipulation- Joint mobilization is when the doctor uses their hands to slowly move a joint in one direction. Joint manipulation is a technique in which the doctor uses their hands (or a tool) to place a controlled thrust on the joint so that the pain is promptly alleviated.

  • Functional Mobility & Strengthening- An approach that helps increase your overall mobility and strength to ensure your pain stays away long after rehab. These exercises will involve shoulder flexion and extension and internal and external rotation.

Want Help to Decide if Our Shoulder Physical Therapy is Right For You?

Want Help to Decide if Physical Therapy is Right For You?

Treatment For Your Shoulder Pain Is At Your Fingertips…

Treatment For Your Shoulder Pain Is At Your Fingertips…

Remember, there’s no need to stay in pain another day…

Let’s discover the root cause of your shoulder pain and get you back in motion again!

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We offer convenient treatment options for shoulder pain with Physical Therapy in Fort Myers, FL & our Cape Coral, FL offices.

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Let’s talk about your unique situation, your goals, and your obstacles.

Together we can chart a course for your active and healthy future doing the things you love to do!

Sounds reasonable?

We look forward to working with you soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shoulder Pain Physical Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions About Shoulder Pain Physical Therapy

A rotator cuff consists of four muscles that control movement in the ball and socket of your shoulder. A tear refers to either a partial or full-thickness tear in the rotator cuff.

You can experience shoulder pain even when your shoulder is completely fine. This is what we mean by fixing the cause and not just the symptoms.

For example, a pinched nerve in the spine can sometimes send pain signals to the shoulder and cause you pain.

The frequent repetitive motion can cause tiny tears in the tissue fibers in your shoulder causing constant inflammation.

This can be caused by swing the golf club, tennis racket, reaching upward in your job, or holding the shoulder in a stressful position for prolonged periods of time like slouching.

We have heard that same story!

In fact, we applaud you for being skeptical and unsure as most medical providers have no clue on how to treat shoulder pain.

The majority of medical providers will tell patients to rest, surgery is their only option, or to just take anti-inflammatories. Sure, some patients may get better but that’s NOT our approach.

Simply stated, the premise of our shoulder treatment plans includes addressing the underlying cause rather than just the symptoms.