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Ashley Gray

Judy Peck | Personal Training Client Testimonial 2021 | Personal Training in Fort Myers, Florida


“I was feeling my age, and now I’m a lot stronger and healthier. I definitely feel younger. The older I get, the older you feel, and I don’t like that. I wanted to be younger feeling, and I’ve definitely gone feeling younger, feeling better than I have in a long time.


I’m Judy Peck, and I found Back in Motion through a doctor I was going through for my knee. I had many problems with it, including tears and sprains.


He referred me to Dr. Gray, and I came in for a consultation.


He said I was ready for training, which was what I came for, is I wanted to get my knee strong. I think it was within the first couple of weeks I was walking up a stair by myself without any help. It was crazy.


It was changing for me, a lot stronger, a lot healthier.


I built up a lot of strength, and probably within the first month, I was a different person.


I was totally different than when I walked in.


It was amazing, actually.


I had to get to the point where I was ready to work out, and going from the physical therapy, and knowing I was strong enough now to get to workout.


That was my fear, was I was going to go into a gym and do it wrong.


So I came to the physical therapist at Back In Motion first, and then he worked with me to make sure I was strong enough, and then when I started working with Chad, it was great.


I was doing stuff I never thought I could do.


Chad had me walking up this box up and down that I would see people doing that I thought I could never do and now I’m doing it now like I never thought I could.


To me, that was very exciting.


But then when he had me deadlifting some weight that I never thought I could do, I think I deadlifted over a hundred pounds.


Coach Chad is working my full body, not just my knee.


I’ve never had strength in my arms at all, and I’ve had shoulder problems.


My shoulder problems, between the physical therapist and him, have gotten so much better.


I’m doing things I could never do before, and now I’m deadlifting, and climbing up boxes without any help.


It’s CRAZY what I can do now and the strength I’ve gotten in just such a short period of time.”


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