Introduction to Running Injuries

Running injuries and ailments are common place in those that love to stay fit, active, and run. Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way…. Some injuries may not be preventable but a good majority of them can be prevented with a sound training program and applying some of the content within these next few posts. Over the next few blogs, were going to disclose 3 things that most runners can and should work on to prevent running injuries. The three things that most runners need to work on include:

  1. Strengthening your glutes
  2. Increase the mobility of your ankle and proper shoe wear and….
  3. Stretching your hips

Now that we’ve laid a framework lets take a closer look at the first tip.

Why Do the Glutes Need to Be Strong?

As a runner, your butt muscles are your best friend. Literally. If your suffering with foot pain, knee pain, or even back pain then you should consider first strengthening your hip. If you look at the hip muscles there is the most muscle on the back side of the body. This wasn’t given to you be accident…. Hence, this is one of the many reasons why they are very important. They control your lower extremity motion and provide stability to your pelvis. If your glutes are deficient in strength it is common to see excessive foot pronation (collapsing of arch), excessive arching of the spine (back pain), or your knee rotating inward. This usually equates to ailments such as plantar fascitis, IT band syndrome, back pain, and many other pains or injuries. Watch this quick video of myself describing why the glutes need to be strong:

Are Your Glutes Strong Enough?

Now that you know the importance of strong glutes….. Are yours strong enough? Here are a few quick tests to discern:

Try These Glute Exercises…

Concluding Remarks On Strengthening Your Glutes…

Running injuries & ailments are common place for recreational and competitive runners. Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. If your suffering from an injury and want to get it better and run pain free, start by strengthening your glutes…. Your body will thank you and you will be pleasantly surprised on how much better your runs will feel. If you’re looking to discern if your glutes are the reason why your injuries are occuring, you can register for your complimentary consultation by Clicking Here

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