How To Achieve Your Fitness Goals 2021

About the Author: Ashley Gray

Ashley Gray


If you're looking to get fit in 2021, here's exactly how you can achieve your goals. Hi. I'm Dr. Scott Gray of Back In Motion Physical Therapy & Performance.


With the new year upon us, fitness goals are top of our minds, right? We are still in the pandemic and chances are, you maybe haven't moved or exercised or been to a gym or done things in 2020. In 2021, you wanna make a change.


And so, here are some things I think that a lot of clients and potential clients really kind of mess up that doesn't allow them to achieve their goals in 2021 in regards to fitness.


Begin With The End In Mind


So, I think the big thing is, you gotta really begin with the end in mind. So what exactly is it that you wanna achieve? The more specific that you can articulate this or write this down, it's really going to help you.


So if you wanna lose 20 pounds in 2021 by a certain date and time, you need to backtrack and say, “Okay, if it is currently January, I wanna lose this by May,” you know that's roughly four or five months away, “I need to lose about four or five a month.”


What are you gonna do to do that? Whether your goal is fat loss or maybe you want to improve your strength, so you're like, “I'm super weak and I wanna get stronger,” well, okay. Articulate that.


Have A Plan


Number two is having a plan. So you can have a goal, but if you don't have a plan in how you're gonna get there and you just do random stuff, you don't have a strategy or tactic to get there, then you're not gonna get there, right? It's gonna be left up to luck and chance. And so that's not how success works in regards to fitness, but also in life.


Stay Consistent & Persistent


Number three, I would say is, being consistent and persistent, right? So you're gonna have some ups and downs in your journey of reaching your fitness goals, and our best clients that achieve their health and fitness goals, are persistent and then consistent.


They, you know, are eating the right foods, or they're getting enough sleep. They're not missing workouts. They're being diligent in maybe their alcohol consumption or other things that can negatively affect it.


Seek Help or Expert Advice


Number four, I would say is, to seek expert advice. So if you don't understand how to get there just seek an expert, right? As a business, we seek out experts to help us fill in the gaps of things maybe we don't know as knowledge.


And so instead of us trying to figure it out on our own, we seek out experts. And so it's no different with your health and fitness. If you're not really sure what you should be eating, what type of workouts you should be doing, how to exercise without getting injured, or maybe you have an injury and you're not really sure how you can exercise safely and effectively, then you need to seek out a health and fitness expert.


You Got This!


To recap, you need to know exactly what you want. You need to have a plan. You need to be consistent in persistence, and never give up. Finally, you need to seek out experts that have the knowledge that you don't have to bridge that gap, to help you achieve your ideal health and fitness goals in 2021. I'm Dr. Gray from Back In Motion Physical Therapy & Performance, and this is how you can achieve your health and fitness goals in 2021.


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