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There is no one magic potion to make you look perfectly young all your life. The best bet we have is exercise and that needs a lot of dedication and hard work to fight back the extra baggage that comes along with aging.


Of course, we all know we won't look the same as we do now in 10 years. That's part of life and the growth it gives to a person both in experience and bodily changes. But that does not mean we should succumb to the dials of time and end up as lazy and weak old people who are boring.


Aging should not have to mean weakness and dullness. We can look our best and keep getting better as we age if only we took the effort to make it a reality.


You don't have to aim for looks for celebrities and pin-up models. That serves no purpose. The real deal is to feel and be healthy regardless of your age and have that vibrant enthusiasm to keep facing every day with the same energy in your 60s as you did in your 20s.


Honestly, age should not matter when you want to do what you love if you have been putting in the right efforts to keeping yourself healthy.


So how can you actually achieve such a lifestyle that allows you to feel healthy and young all your life? Here is how. Get a personal trainer. If you are really serious about getting yourself in shape which you should be, you have to consider hiring a personal trainer in Fort Myers.


Read on to find out how exactly a personal trainer can help you combat aging and help you regain your strength and energy from your 20s through the 60s.


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Training In Your 20s


Let us start with your 20s. So you want to start a fitness routine when you are in your 20s. Congratulations. You have taken the right step to a healthy living already. Because this is the time you can push your body as it is the strongest it has ever been. But sadly most people take their body for granted by exploiting their body with bad eating habits and long-late night schedules.


This is the time perfect for the start of a disciplined fitness routine. But some people being over-enthusiastic can end up injuring themselves with top intense workouts and bad dieting habits. You need good guidance and the right way to push your body to its potential. This cannot happen over YouTube tutorials.


You need the right expertise that will help you understand when to rest, when to stop and when to keep pushing. This knowledge is readily available at a personal training center like Back in Motion.


When you enroll for a personal training program, you can expect it to be customized for your particular needs. This also means that you get focused training sans any types of distractions and a personal partner who can help you monitor your progress and improvement.


This will be a great way to lay the foundation for a healthy living in years to come.


You can experiment and go with a lot of different exercises. A good way to start would be 30 minutes of cardio followed by 30 minutes of weight lifting 3 times a week.


Training In Your 30s


Okay. So maybe you were too busy to start training at your 20s and are trying to notice those little chunks of extra fat building on your torso and thighs. Well, it's never too late to start exercising. You may not be as strong as you were in your 20s.


You notice it has become quite difficult to lose weight. That's because metabolism drops by 1 to 2 percent every ten years of your life.


Start now to exercise as it is the best preventive method to combat health issues. In your 20s, exercises were probably your way of staying cool and chic but in your 30s, they start to become something more of a necessity to keep fit.


And it also means you got to work harder. It will feel a lot more difficult than in your 20s to get up and do that 30-minute cardio you could do in a breeze before.


Again, hiring a personal trainer will automatically push you to put in this extra effort and make you more accountable towards your own health.


This is also the time most women go through pregnancy and will require extra help and guidance on getting back their strength. A our private personal trainers in Fort Myers will understand the unique needs of a person and ensure that they get the best fitness guidance and training.


This is the perfect time to get geared up on a high-intensity interval training style of exercises. It will also be quite useful in fitting exercise in your tight schedules. Try to go for fast-paced cardio sessions at Back in Motion.


Training In Your 40s


The 40s. The golden age of midlife where your body suddenly feels like something very new and changing. Your metabolism rate will slow down further, lean muscle mass will keep falling and fat will get added on faster than you can burn it.


It is also the time hormones kind of take a wild dance and make you feel a lot of different emotions and bodily imbalances.


Right. This is when it hits you are aging. And if you had been regularly exercising before, you have got to train even harder now. If you are just starting out, you will find it a lot more difficult to keep up with consistent training. Fatigue will also set in more often.


The fat gain will be inevitable in most people and hence weight training is very crucial to maintain a stable and healthy weight.


You should also be focusing on your strengthening your core and getting the right form during exercises. If you never had a trainer before, you should definitely have one now. Because your body will not recuperate as easily as you did in your 20s when you get hurt doing an exercise.


Strength training should be the focus of your 40s. Perfect your form with Back in Motions professional trainers and get into some strength-building weight training and cardio sessions.


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Training In Your 50s


Well, most people have excuses to skip and exercise when they hit 50. You are still a precious person who is capable of whatever you want to do. So, there will be more reasons to keep fit than the excuses you come up with to skip your training routines.


The 50s are when your body puts itself in a dampening situation. Women hit their menopause and both men and women feel the lowering metabolism now more so than ever. But don't worry. A good combination of strength training and proper form can help you deal with most of your aging problems.


All those years hunching, bad posture and unhealthy habits will start showing their results more clearly now. So you have to get proactive and indulge in proper training with professional help.


Back in Motion has excellent personal training programs that will address each of your issues, be it injury, joint aches or poor form in the best professional way. A personal trainer means you get to see the results faster and feel a lot better.


Rest is key to maintaining a healthy and balanced life in the 50s. Concentrate on multi-joint movements and regular strength training. Your personal trainer at Back in Motion will make sure you build muscle mass effectively with no room for injuries.


Training In Your 60s


You cannot be doing exercises haphazardly when you are in your 60s. It is when a wrong injury can put you motionless and in pain for a long time. Arthritis, joint problems, muscle weakness will all be part of the life of many 60-year-olds.


Proper strength and weight training will have a tremendous improvement in their quality of life. Of course, expert supervision and customized workout routine are necessary to avoid any mishaps.


And that is exactly what you can expect from Back in Motion's personal training programs in Fort Myers, FL. Your trainer will know what strengthens you and what will aggravate your conditions. Good training has proven to be extremely helpful in bringing back a sense of empowerment and confidence in many elder citizens. Give yourself the chance to break out of age barriers and do what you love with more strength and health.


Resistance training with careful safety measures would help you gain backbone density and muscle mass in your 60s. Keep yourself hydrated and don't give up when it gets tough. The personal trainers will help you find the right diet and work out plan. Feel older only in the mind.


The sooner you incorporate exercise into your lifestyle, the longer you will feel younger. Let me reiterate the importance of hiring a personal trainer.


  • Stay injury free


Expert help means that you don't end up hurting yourself during a workout


  • Get to train in the best way that suits you


When you train by yourself, your access to specific expert knowledge will be limited and you can mostly train in generic exercises only. But with a personal trainer, you get exposure to a variety of training and exercises that you can choose from to suit your special needs.


  • Better organization of training periods


Training programs help you better utilize accumulation phases wherein you can gradually improve your training levels.


  • Strengthen your muscles over time


With a personal training partner, it becomes much easier to monitor your growth.


  • Reduce stress on your spine


Starting to exercise at any age can add to a physical strain on your body if not done properly. By hiring professionals, you can make sure your form is good and your spine is safe.


  • Better time management


Personal trainers provide you with better accountability and time management. You are less likely to miss a training schedule you have paid for.


Any sensible fitness guide will tell you how important it is to focus on your form no matter what your age is. As you age, this becomes more important to avoid injuries. The same goes for workout routines. Achieving full-body cardio and intense workout routines as you age all by yourself will be difficult to deal with.


Managing the schedules, keeping with the intensity and training to increase working capacities all by yourself can be overwhelming to do by yourself. It is good to seek help especially when it’s regarding your health. Hiring a personal trainer will make sure all your hard work and efforts into making a healthy life will not go wasted.


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