How to Achieve Your Health & Personal Goals in 2020

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Effective Tips To Achieve Your Health And Personal Goals In 2020

It’s that time of the year when we prepare for festivities and celebrations. Along with planning to celebrate with friends and family, it is also a time when people start making a list of resolutions.

You might be doing the same. But then, a thought may probably cross your mind – ‘Will I actually stick to these resolutions throughout the year?’

You start thinking of all the resolutions you made in the past years and how most, if not all, of them, went down the train in a month or two.

Don’t get us wrong – we are not trying to discourage you. But facts and statistics have clearly shown that most New Year resolutions don’t last for more than a few months.

Are you among the few who have actually fulfilled their resolutions? If so, then you should definitely be proud of yourself. But like the majority of people, if you to have failed to achieve your New Year goals, then we’re here to help you out.

If you want this year to be different and more productive, then read on below as we give out some excellent tips to help you achieve your personal and health goals in 2020.

Simple Ways to Achieve Your Health Resolution in the New Year

Hitting the gym, losing or gaining weight, or eating healthy are some of the most common New Year resolutions. Sadly, these are also the resolutions that people abandon most often.

Now we are not giving you some brainstorming ideas that will change your life. Instead, we will share some simple but highly effective tips to achieve your goals

Set clear and measurable goals

If your goals are clear and well-defined, they will be easy to put into action. For example, if you say, “I’ll go to the gym regularly this year,” you’ll probably find some excuses to postpone your gym sessions.

What you should be saying is, “I’ll workout 15 minutes every day. Later, I will increase that time to 30 minutes.” So when your goals are clearly defined, it will be easier to convince yourself to achieve it when procrastination kicks in.

Set small goals

The smaller your goals are, the more achievable they become. Let’s say you plan to lose 30 pounds. After one month of workout, you see that you’ve hardly lost 1 or 2 pounds, and you feel discouraged.

On the other hand, you make a small goal – losing 5 pounds. Even if you lose just 1 pound in the first month, that’s 20% of your target achieved. If you stick to one more month, then you’ll be almost halfway through your goals. So make sure your health goals are small and achievable.

Upgrade your goals little by little

So you’ve clearly defined your goals, and you’re making small milestones. Then the next step is to upgrade your milestones gradually. Following the previous example, let’s say you have lost that 5 pounds.

So you’re delighted with the results and mentally and physically motivated to achieve more. Your next goal can be losing 7 or 8 pounds, then 10, then 15. Just avoid making a huge leap, like going from losing 5 pounds to losing 20. With each small step, you will be achieving more and enjoying the process.

Focus on one resolution at a time, and set deadlines for each goal

So you want to hit the gym, be more productive at work, and spend more time with your family all at the same time? Trying to handle all these things at the same time will only leave you exhausted. And you won’t see any visible results either.

It’s best to focus on one resolution at a time. To be more specific, we suggest that you make only three resolutions a year. Assign 4 months to each resolution. Once you stick to your first goal in the first 4 months, it will most likely become a habit.

Then you can focus on the second goal for another 4 months, so it becomes a habit as well. At the end of the year, not only will you have achieved all three resolutions, but they will become a habit that will last throughout your lives.

A Quick Recap

So to summarize, the best way to achieve your goals for the New Year are:

1. Clearly define your goals
2. Set small milestones, that will be easy to achieve
3. Increase the milestones little by little
4. Focus only on one resolution until it becomes a habit

There’s a reason why these methods are effective. First of all, they make your goals easier to achieve and so you don’t have to make a tremendous effort. Secondly, these techniques will give you visible results, which will motivate you to go to the next stage.

While we have mostly focused on the health resolutions, these four steps can be applied to any goals you wish to achieve, and at any time. As a final note, you should keep in mind that if you fail to achieve your goals at any point, you must be ready to start over. Trying regularly is still a better achievement than not trying at all.

Make your 2020 productive and positive and start your New Year on a positive note!

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