Golf Swing Analysis Fort Myers, FL

If You’re Serious About Golf… Isn’t It Time You Hit The Ball 10, 20, Or Even 30 Yards Further And Shave Strokes Off Your Game, Too?

Discover how our golf swing analysis and golf lessons can hit the ball longer, farther, and straighter GUARANTEED!

Golf Swing Analysis Fort Myers, FL

It’s an ideal Saturday morning…

You’re out with your regular crew heading off the first tee…

Today, you’re up last and you stride into the tee box…

Take a deep breath…

And absolutely crush the ball a solid 25 yards past everyone else’s drive.

Your buddy turns to you and asks, “Where the **** did that come from?”

You just smile, pick up your tee, and reply, “All day my friend.  All day.”

Or do you deal with the second scenario?

You give it everything you got…

It feels like you made good contact…

The ball flight was ok…

But you end up 25 yards SHORTER than everyone in the group.

They know it wasn’t a mis-hit…and you can almost hear with they’re thinking.

You say to yourself, “This is embarrassing…there’s got to be something I can do about this!”

Well, now there is…

If you spent any time watching professional golf, you recognize the impact physical preparation and high-tech has on the game.

(And we’re not just talking about the cartoonish transformation Bryson Dechambeau went through…)

Leaner, fitter players are using the latest workout techniques and computer technology to improve feedback and pinpoint trouble spots faster than ever before.

Something as simple as identifying the weak link in your mobility or an imbalance in your muscular system can produce a significant improvement…just like in the example above.

Today’s players—amateurs and pros alike—also use physical preparation to ward off an injury that could threaten their participation in the sport they love.

This is especially important for older players or those with existing injuries.

Now you may not have millions of dollars riding on every round but staying pain-free, improving your swing, hitting the ball further, as well as shaving strokes off your game certainly makes your rounds a LOT more fun!

Do you agree?

If you’re serious about your game, it’s not enough anymore to simply go out and hit a lot of balls at the range…

Improvement comes from reaching your physical and technical best.

And you need a concrete plan to make that happen!

Because we’re a Physical Therapy Clinic and Titleist Performance Certified, we understand the body and the golf swing at a deeper level…

Golf is a stunning blend of physics, physical movement, and technique.

The combination of golf-specific strength training with cutting-edge swing analysis rapidly transforms your game by optimizing all of these components.

Because we love to see you enjoy life to the fullest, we’ve poured our knowledge and experience into the premier golf preparation program in the region…


“Back In Motion’s Hit the Ball Further, Straighter, and Pain-Free Golf Optimization Program”

What Are The Benefits Of Back In Motion’s Golf Swing Optimization Program?

Here’s what you can expect…

  • More distance with every club in your bag
  • More consistent ball striking
  • A reduction in the likelihood of injury
  • Faster recovery
  • Improved core strength
  • Improved energy levels at the end of a long, hot round
  • A better more balanced swing (which also reduces injury)
  • Improved range of motion
  • The confidence of knowing your program is overseen by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, specifically trained to help golfers like you. The first program of its kind!

Who The Back In Motion Breakthrough Golf Program Is For?

Male and female golfers at every level will see improvements after just 6 weeks…

In fact, many golfers play better golf their very next round!


It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie to the game of golf or a seasoned vet with decades of experience, our program is completely tailored to you.

No cookie-cutter options here…

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your twenties with the flexibility of a gymnast or if you’re in your seventies and have had multiple surgeries.

We understand both ends of the spectrum.

Don’t fall for the myth that only the pros do strength & conditioning work!

The science tells us that you can gain strength and power at any age.  So it’s never too late to add valuable distance and injury prevention to your game.

How Does Golf Swing Analysis Work?

We all know the pros rely heavily upon their swing coaches.  That’s why our fully-computerized swing analysis system is so important.

Our system will quickly pinpoint the weakest part of your swing…

Is it clubhead speed?

Is it your grip?

Is your swing plane off?

Let’s work together to find out!

Our system collects hundreds of data points and presents them to our TPI Certified coaches in an easy to understand manner.

How Does The Golf Swing Analysis And Lessons Program Work?

Getting started is remarkably simple…

Step 1 – Call our office and ask any questions you may have

Step 2 – Set up a time to come in for you Assessment

Step 3 – Complete the swing analysis with one of our TPI Certified Instructors*

Step 4 – Implement your custom training & flexibility program under our watchful eye for 6 weeks

Step 5 – Watch your game jump to the next level and enjoy your round more!

  • Title Performance Institute – the “gold standard” for golf instruction

Want Help To Decide If Treatment At Back In Motion Is Right For You?

Choose which option works best for you…

Option 1

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Option 2

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Option 3

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Keep this in mind…

When golfers think of “hitting the ball further”, mentally they usually picture the driver.

But the reality is, EVERY club is going to be longer…driver, long irons, short iron, and wedges.

All of them.

Imagine how your game would improve if you hit every club in your bag further and straighter!

Imagine shaving 4, 5, 6, or more strokes off your score per round!

Imagine how much more you’d enjoy your day on the course!

All while keeping your safe by reducing the possibility of injury and improving your recovery between rounds…

Shouldn’t Your Training Program Be As Unique As You Are?

My name is Dr. Scott Gray.

As a lifelong athlete, I couldn’t wait to introduce the Back In Motion Golf Swing Optimization Program to our service offerings.

We appreciate how much the game means to your quality of life.

You can put your mind at ease knowing that I oversee every custom training program created in our facility.

We are the premier Sports Training Facility in the Fort Myers region and are excited to add this golf-specific program.

FAIR WARNING:  The only downside to the program is the limited capacity of our analysis machine, certified coaches, and facility capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions.

So if you’d like to improve your golf game dramatically in just six short weeks, you must call us today to secure your Assessment time slot.

I invite you to optimize your game and enjoy your round more!

Call today.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Want to See If We Can Improve Your Golf Swing?

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