Golf Injury Treatment

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From the Front Desk of Dr. Scott Gray

Dr Scott Gray

Hi! I’m Dr. Scott Gray. Golf swing analysis expert and Golf Physical Therapist here in Fort Myers, FL.

It’s no fun missing valuable “tee time” due to pain, stiffness, or an injury that’s slowing you down on the golf course.

Nearly every movement you do during the day is affected by persistent pain, and your quality of life and golf came can spiral downward if left untreated.

Maybe your pain started out of the blue or was caused by using the latest technique your golf pro recommended.

Either way, DON’T fall for the trap of simply ignoring the pain…hoping it will go away on its own.


It’s Not Normal To Hurt After Golfing!

Golf pain and stiffness are one of THE most common complaints we deal with in my practice.

And your golf injury will NOT simply vanish on its own.

If you have ongoing pain when golfing, you need answers…

“When will this go away?”

“Is this pain going to be permanent?”

“How can I swing the club without hurting”

Golf Injury Treatment

Here Are Some Traps Many Golfers Fall Into:

  • You thought that if you waited long enough, the pain would diminish and go away.
  • You took the drugs the doctor gave you and didn’t like how they made you feel, AND they only masked the pain temporarily. It always seemed to come back.
  • You were told it’s just a part of life and that you just have to deal with it.
  • You looked for help online, but the exercises you found didn’t help…or even made things worse!
  • You tried other treatments—like massage—but nothing changed at all, and you ended up wasting money and time.
  • You figured you could just rest your for a while, thinking it would calm down, but not only did the pain not go away, you felt like life was just passing you by while you sat around waiting to be pain-free.

As You Know By Now, And I Need To Approach His Work
When Trying To Return To Pain-Free Swing

You’re taking action.

You’re not going to accept your pain as permanent ,and you realize there MUST be a solution.

And the best part is, you’re right!

If any of this clicked with you, isn’t it time you reached out to a golf swing pain expert?

We’ll get on the phone with you and explain what you can do IMMEDIATELY to get some relief.

The call is 100% FREE!

You do NOT have any obligation to work with us beyond the phone call.

We understand how much not being able to golf disrupts your life and we simply want you to start feeling “normal” again, so we’ll provide a list of recommendations right there on your initial call.

Before We Even Speak On The Phone, What Steps Can You Take TODAY To Get Back On The Golf Course Quickly…

Golf Physical Therapy1. First you need to commit to a proper game plan! Don’t let another 6 months or a year go by and do nothing. The longer you wait, the more you start to accept the pain as a part of your life. This is a common—and dangerous—mistake.

2. Find a practice that uses the most current, proven techniques and has someone that specializes in helping golfers! Our understanding of golf injuries has evolved tremendously over the years. But many therapists and even many physicians have not kept up with the advances. Be sure to reach out to industry leaders.

3. Avoid sitting (or standing) for long periods. While instinct tells us to rest a painful injury, in many cases, this only makes things worse. Constant rest can increase stiffness and cost you valuable range of motion. A proper exercise routine, postural work and flexibility training can lead to rapid improvements, especially in your golf swing.

4. Passive approaches like rest and painkillers will not restore your golf swing mobility or heal your golf injury! If your active Florida lifestyle is being affected then working with a “hands on” golf physical therapist can get you back on the golf course faster than you can imagine.

Getting rid of my golf injury is important to me. Let’s talk!

What’s Your Next Step, And What Can You Expect From The Team At BIM Physical Therapy?

  • Within just a few short sessions, we can remove your pain and stiffness.
  • We can pinpoint the true cause of your golf injury or pain—often in less than 20 minutes—so you finally have concrete answers about the source of your condition.
  • Sleep plays a huge role in your recovery and often pain makes good sound sleep impossible. We’ll help you to start sleeping through the night again. This will quickly accelerate your recovery.
  • Our treatment will help you avoid painful and risky surgery. Surgery that, in far too many cases, does nothing to provide relief.
  • If you’re taking painkillers, we’ll get you off them. In no time at all, you’ll be feeling “normal” again and on the path to drug-free good health!
  • Finally, we’ll help you swing the golf again “pain free”. Your quality of life will skyrocket as you start to see and feel your range of motion return to normal.

It all starts with a phone call…

If you’d like to discuss your personalized treatment plan and get answers to questions about cost, insurance coverage, time frames and more, we urge you to take advantage of your FREE, no-obligation phone call with a member of our Golf Injury Expert Team!

Let’s Talk About My Golf Injury!

It’s possible you’ve tried solutions and treatments in the past that produced ZERO relief.

As a result, you may be skeptical about everything we’ve just discussed.

We understand.

So, before you call for a free consultation, you’ll want to hear from these past patients who finally found a solution to their pain…in just a matter of weeks at BIM Physical Therapy.

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Just Like You…

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