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How Speed & Agility Training Can Help You Gain an Edge in Your Sport!

At Back In Motion Physical Therapy & Performance in Fort Myers, Cape Coral physical therapy & Estero, FL, our sports performance training programs, in conjunction with our Doctors of Physical Therapy, can help improve your speed and agility training to gain that extra edge you’ve been looking for!

Agility is defined as the ability to move quickly and easily. Whether in high school or on a college sports team, all athletes (even weekend warriors!) can benefit from agility training. Incorporating agility workouts are an excellent way to develop balance, coordination, strength, and explosive speed!

Whether it’s for sports, rehabilitation, or general health, agility training can help you prevent future injuries. Working on sudden changes in direction and maintaining control with challenging movements will make it less likely that you hurt yourself when you’re forced to react in real-life situations.

Our coaches can assess your current abilities and provide you with drills and exercises to improve your speed and agility.

What is Agility Training & How it Helps Athletes?

Agility depends on the whole body and is defined as the rapid change in direction and/or speed in response to a sports-specific stimulus. This includes the ability to change directions while decelerating and then re-accelerating in a different direction.

In the past, agility training drills consisted of pre-planned activities like cutting drills using cones, agility ladder drills, and short circuit workouts.

More recently, the training includes reactive agility training, where the athlete is asked to change directions and speed in “non-planed” patterns. This type of training uses the perceptual and reaction capabilities of the athlete.

In addition, our team will guide you through a proper warm-up when the time comes to ensure your body is primed for the intensity of the workout.

Our team will conduct an assessment before initiating any drills to ensure your body is prepared for the training. Our programs include targeted mobility work and strength training to address any restrictions or weaknesses that may impair your performance or increase your risk of injury.

These drills are excellent for rehabilitation and conditioning purposes to ensure a recovering athlete is ready to return to sports and to help them prevent non-contact injuries in the future.

Agility training workouts will improve performance capabilities for athletes at all levels and help improve acceleration, deceleration, change direction speeds, overall speed, and sport-specific training.

Take You Game to the Next Level With Sports Training

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Let Us Help You Get Faster With Our Speed & Agility Training Program Today!

Our coaches will start with an injury evaluation at our facilities to determine what you need to work on and improve in regards to improving your speed and agility.

Is it strength?

Is it your technique?

Is it acceleration?


Our coaches and trainers will detect these things in our athletes and speed training assessment.

Next, we will focus on progressing your mobility, strength, dynamic stability, balance, and coordination. Our coaches will create a targeted, individualized plan to optimize your speed and agility.

Adding speed and agility to your program will help you move more efficiently. These exercises will help stimulate the nervous system and maximize your performance.

Speed and agility gains can give athletes a competitive advantage and mean the difference between making the team or scoring the winning goal. Every athlete can benefit from improved balance, quicker feet, and faster reaction time.

Because we usually have a wait list to be part of our speed training programs, don't wait and call us now.

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