Client Case Study: How Cheryl Looks and Feels the Best She Has Felt In Years

Physical activities and exercises are a great way to boost your physical fitness and overall wellbeing. It naturally lifts your mood and makes you more energetic. The American Heart Association society recommends at least 150 minutes of physical activity for a healthy living.


While it is universally accepted that exercises can improve your overall health and help you stay fit, some people tend to get affected by injuries and end up adding more stress to their muscles than they should.


Cheryl happened to be one of those unfortunate people who kept finding her workout routines and gym activities, doing her more harm than any good.


There are many reasons why workouts can injure you.


Improper form, wrong exercises, and bad coaching are some causes why many people fail to progress.


Every person is unique. They may have different levels of skill and muscle strength. Some people with previous injuries need exercises that are tuned to suit them.


In Cheryl's case, she could only find mediocre results and workouts that aggravated her previous injuries.


She tried several gyms and workout routines but still could not progress due to wrong exercises and a lack of proper coaching.


Her injuries were getting worse and she couldn't go on with physical activities with vigor. And that was all until she came to Back In Motion Physical Therapy & Performance.


Since joining Back In Motion Physical Therapy & Performance, she is healthier, leaner, and stronger than she has been in years.


What makes Back in Motion stand apart from her previous gyms is that we take a thorough evaluation of our client before exercising and starting a plan. We discern what type of exercsies a client's body can go thorugh, where range of motion is limited, and etc.


This allows our clients to train and exercise hard without injuring themselves.


Here is How We Helped Cheryl With These 7 Steps


  • Doing multi-joint exercises


Multi-joint exercises are compound exercises that are aimed to make the entire body functionally fit. These movements are actually much more beneficial compared to isolation exercises. They engage the whole body and burn more calories. The risk of injury is very low because various muscle groups work together, placing stress on a single muscle and getting it injured is avoided.


  • Doing strength training


A huge mistake several people make in physical activity is overlooking the benefits of strength training. Strength training is essential to looking and feeling your best because people lose their muscle strength as they age. It also helps prevent injuries. BIM understands this perfectly and has included strength-building exercises into its workout routines.


  • Limiting exercises that are contradictory


We understand the specific needs of each client. People suffering from previous injuries can find it difficult to perform generic workouts. The wrong exercises in these cases may even worsen the condition.


In Cheryl's case, she had a frozen shoulder that restricted her from taking up shoulder related activities. BIM helped her get relief by digging into the root cause of the problem. Our extensive knowledge of physical therapy helped us design an educated workout plan for Cheryl that limited shoulder motions overhead head or at end range. For instance, instead of doing push-ups which aggravates frozen shoulders, we did a floor press which restricts here range of motion but still allows her to reap the fitness benefits.


  • Doing high-intensity interval training


Intense bursts of activity followed by resting duration are a great way to burn more fat. These activities build muscle strength and boost your metabolism. It is extremely helpful for staying lean. With Cheryl, we incorporate every workout to consist of some form of HIIT.


  • Allowing adequate rest between sessions


The amount of rest you take in between workouts is very crucial to avoid stress and injuries. Resting does not mean you lose progress.


Muscles need an appropriate amount of downtime. It helps in rejuvenating yourself both physically and mentally. The adequate resting duration can differ for each person depending on their strength, skill level, and the workout routine. BIM places heavy importance on your long term health and prescribes the proper resting time that you need taking all necessary things into consideration.


Although Cheryl trains hard with us a few days per week, her rest is equally as important. For this reason, we give her up to 48 hours between session to rest and recover.


  • An easy to follow nutrition plan


The reason why many people fail in their diet plans is that it is too restrictive and impractical. Dieting need not be such a hard effort. BIM makes it easy by offering a nutrition plan that caters to your needs and suits your preferences.


  • Focused progress and accountability


Our Fort Myers trainers are experts in what they do and have the dedication to see you get through your fitness goals.


Back In Motion comes up with an efficient workout plan that can fit within your schedule and makes sure to follow up on every appointment you make.


You can have a personal trainer who can motivate you on staying focused on your fitness goals.


The bottom line is that you don't need to have a series of injuries limit your ability to look and feel your best.


The chances are that you're either doing too much or you're doing the wrong exercises.


You can have a successful outcome like Cheryl did but you need to ensure that you're seeking an expert that can help you discern what you should or shouldn't be doing.


Get fitter, and feel better with our Fort Myers, FL Personal Training Programs.


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