Watch This Quick Video To Learn More About How We Can Help Improve Your Balance or Gait

Watch This Quick Video To Learn More About How We Can Help Improve Your Balance

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What Causes Balance & Gait Problems

What Causes Balance & Gait Problems

When it comes to improving your balance and gait, many patients are quick to tell you that nothing can be done.

For many patients, this can be a costly mistake, leading to years of embarrassment, suffering, and living in fear. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths and serious health problems in the U.S.

Balance problems and disorders occur when your balance system is disrupted.

But what causes the disruption?

There are a variety of different causes for difficulty balancing. Some of the most common causes for balance problems are:

  • Weak muscles
  • Inner ear issues (such as crystals or inflammation)
  • Neurological conditions (such as migraines)
  • Postural hypotension (where blood pressure suddenly drops with certain movements such as standing)
  • Poor joint mobility
  • Cardiovascular disease

How We Can Help You Boost Your Balance and Prevent Falls

How We Can Help You Boost Your Balance and Prevent Falls

As an expert in movement and balance, a Doctor of Physical Therapy provides the best treatment to help you regain your balance as quickly and safely as possible.

A great physical therapist will work with you one-on-one and tailor the treatment to your specific diagnosis, age, health, and fitness level. Some of the common ways that physical therapists treat balance problems/disorders include:

  • Guiding you through strengthening exercises to strengthen the muscles that are used to keep you balanced
  • Helping you develop better posture (which is key to maintaining good balance)
  • Using mobility exercises and/or manual therapy to promote healthy joints – allowing you to move more easily
  • Guiding you through flexibility exercises to reduce any tightness that may have hindered your ability to move freely
  • Providing massage or manual therapy to the muscles, joints, or the spine to alleviate pain that may have prevented you from maintaining good posture
  • Educating you on how to prevent falls (such as which footwear is the best, how to set up your home, and how to prevent tripping hazards)
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Look How We’ve Helped People Just Like You…

Look How We’ve Helped People Just Like You…

“I have tried other forms of physical therapy and rehab but with not as great of results. If you’re serious about getting to the root cause of your pain and want to stay active and mobile for years to come without surgery or dangerous drugs, Back In Motion is the place. This isn’t a cookie cutter place like most hospital or physician based physical therapy programs, you actually get the treatment that your body needs and not just some random exercises or treatments.

“Several months ago, a relative encouraged me to contact Back in Motion for help with balance issues. Each session was challenging; no two were ever alike. Not only that, but I truly enjoyed trying to maintain my balance during the exercises. I continue to feel confident about all things involving balance. As my first experience with physical therapy, I highly recommend the Back in Motion team.”

“This place is next-level physical therapy. I’ve had physical therapy all through my life and I’ve never experienced the techniques or the level of expertise that I have with these folks. This is what physical therapy is supposed to be. You actually get 60 minutes of physical therapy. These techniques and procedures are cutting edge you will not find a better physical therapist in Lee County.”

Want Help to Decide if Balance Physical Therapy is Right For You?

Want Help to Decide if Physical Therapy is Right For You?

Don’t Wait Till You Fall To Seek Help

Don’t Wait Till You Fall To Seek Help

NOTE: You have no obligation after getting in contact with us.

Let’s talk about your unique situation, your goals,  your obstacles, & let’s see if I can help you.

Together we can chart a course for your active and healthy future doing the things you love to do!

Sounds reasonable?

You can book an appointment for physical therapy in Fort Myers, FL or at our Cape Coral, FL office.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Balance Physical Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions About Balance Physical Therapy

Gait basically means the way a person walks or runs. We use gait exercises to help you strengthen your muscles, improve posture and develop the muscle memory that allows you to regain your mobility.

This will help with your overall balance.


The human body is that strength can be improved at any age.

The key is finding exercises that will strengthen your muscles without causing pain in the joints or elsewhere.

Some may be difficult but with a trained physical therapist, we will guide you accordingly until you are comfortable and safe. As your balance improves, you can add in some harder exercises as desired.

The exercises and tips that you learn from a few weeks of physical therapy will stay with you for life.

It’s essential to see a physical therapist instead of trying to treat the condition yourself. A physical therapist will monitor your posture, make sure your form is correct during exercises, and speed up the process in a way you can’t do on your own.

After only a couple of weeks of physical therapy, many patients with balance problems/disorders have significantly improved their balance, regained their confidence, and resumed their usual activities worry-free.

Some patients even overcome their balance problem/disorder completely through physical therapy.