7 Things to Look For In A Personal Training Studio

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Ashley Gray

Kudos to you for deciding to stay fit and work towards your fitness goals.


Now that you have taken the decision to be proactive in fitness, it is time to take serious action and choose your personal training studio.


Choosing the right studio is very important to make sure you stay focused and find it comfortable and encouraging to commit to your training schedule.


Here are some must-haves that you can add to your checklist for finding the best training studio.




Do you know what makes it inviting to stretch your body and feel free to work out? A good large spacious, well-lit studio.


Look for a studio that feels spacious and well ventilated. Any place cramped up with too much equipment and too much noise can be distracting or might overwhelm you. Make sure you have enough mat space to move around and you feel comfortable with the environment.


Even if the studio is going to be packed with people, it should be designed to give some personal space to each trainee.




Training with a partner brings a lot of discipline and motivation to your fitness regimen. If your partner is someone who is an expert on physical training and can help you achieve the perfect form, it becomes an added blessing.


A trainer will not quit on you or cancel plans. It is their job to see you meet your fitness goals. So make sure your training studio accommodates your personal trainer or provides personal training services.


If they have a professional trainer who has the experience, communicates well and is patient with you, this is worth a lot more than any modern equipment you can find in a gym.




Personal trainers are great. But it doesn’t hurt to have some good equipment to help you get to your goals easily. Make sure the training studio has well maintained, quality equipment. Some equipment may suit you and some may not. See what makes you comfortable and also helps you push to achieve your potential in the most efficient way.


Make sure the studio has the necessary space and equipment to suit your specific needs.




The nearer the studio is to your living space, the better motivated you will be to wake up and reach there every morning. While it is still worthy to go the distance if the studio is great, a closer location would make it easy for you to not miss your schedule and be on time to complete your workout routines.


Find a studio that is closer to your home or workplace so that traveling to training does not become a burden to you. A studio with a parking area also scores well.




Check the open hours of the training studio to make sure it fits within your schedule. The best option is to go for a 24 /7 open studio that lets you be flexible with your timing.


If you cannot find a studio that is open all the time, look for the one that operates during the hours that suit you. You should also make sure the studio is not occupied during the hours you have chosen.


Having to tolerate one’s own sweat is one thing but having to share space and wait for your turn in a room with lots of other sweating people can be a big demotivator.


Trial period


See if the studio offers a trial subscription plan so you can weigh it in properly before committing to a long term plan. Once you choose and fix on a place, it is better to keep using is. Losing consistency can deter you from being focused on your training.


Fun and encouraging atmosphere


Get reviews from fellow trainees and see what makes the studio tick for them. Some studios offer fun events and specialized choice of timings to make sure you feel comfortable and motivated to continue your training. Some studios also offer gender-specific training to make trainees feel comfortable.


You need to be relaxed and at ease when training. If the studio makes you feel uneasy or conscious in some way try to address it or avoid choosing it.


If you are ready to take the first step to begin your fitness journey, check out our personal training programs in Fort Myers.


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