5 Simple Ways For Staying Free From Pain During The Holidays

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Cruising through the holiday season as an adult can be stressful and burdening on both mental and physical capacities.


The long-distance travel, the efforts that go into shopping for long hours, decorating the house, cooking, and all the other tiny little things can add up to a massive deal of pressure on your body and exacerbate any existing pain.


But with some practical tips, proper planning, and help, you can enjoy the holidays free of pain and added stress. Here are some simple ways that will help you.


Take Small Walks


As you get muddled with all the festive preparations and activities, it is straightforward to lose track of time and cut down on your regular exercise schedules.


Try to set a simple goal to keep up, like taking short 10 to 15-minute walks every day.


Try to squeeze these small breaks into your daily schedule and push yourself for a walk whenever you take a break.




Stretching does not take much effort and can be done anytime when you feel overwhelmed and stressed out.


Try stretching out your arms and neck to stay limber and avoid developing neck and back pain.


Instead of opting for a full-on exercise schedule, which may not be possible during a hectic day, you can break up your exercise sessions into smaller periods throughout the day. You can also take this opportunity to set a new goal and sign up for some yoga classes.


Eat Healthily


It may be easier said than done. But watch what you eat and try to have healthy and regular meals to avoid overeating and gaining the extra holiday pounds. Here are some strategies that may come in handy when planning your eating habits for the holidays.


  • Never skip your breakfast. When you skip your breakfast and then attend a party, you are more likely to binge. Start your day with a proper healthy meal so that you don't overeat later in the day.
  • When you are picking your food portions to the plate, pick the healthy, low-calorie options first. Start your meals with vegetables, leafy greens, and lean proteins, and save the desserts as the very last item. This way, you will have less appetite when you reach the desserts and consume it way less than if you picked it first.
  • A better way is to stay out of reach of candies, chips, and other high-calorie foods. But if it is not possible, try to only take them for tasting and not in bigger portions. But if you must indulge owing to the festive spirit, try something new or unique that you rarely get to eat, like the traditional pie your mother makes only on Christmas.


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Plan Ahead


Planning always saves the day. Make sure you run through at least a rough plan of what you intend to do in the day and try to optimize it so you save yourself from any unwanted stress or physical activity.


For instance, shopping is one of the most straining and exhausting activities you have to do near the holidays.


Try to simplify shopping and avoid having to stand in long queues and carrying a load of heavy shopping bags.


Here are some tips to help you out:


  • You can try to go digital with online shopping for gifts or pre-plan to get the personalized gifts delivered to your friends directly to their address.
  • You can try to shop as a group along with your friends, so you get to share the workload and avoid lifting heavy objects alone.
  • Make a shopping list and stick to it.
  • Plan your cooking preparations ahead of time or try to seek help to avoid long-standing hours in the kitchen
  • Get assistance for serving the meals, decorating the house, and don't try to do it all by yourself.
  • Plan schedules to include some breathing space and breaks in between. Learn to say no when you feel some activities are too draining.


Be Comfortable


Whatever be your holiday task, never go overboard and lose out on your health.


Take care of yourself and make sure you treat yourself well. Make use of easy tools and comfortable techniques to do your tasks.


Place yourself on a comfortable chair as you chop up vegetables, lean on your high counter for a few seconds as you cook, stretch out your legs, arms and neck in between, and don't get stuck in one single position for too long.


Keep yourself active but not overstrained. Remember to take breaks. You can use a stopwatch to not get stuck in one single position for too long.


Keep yourself active but not overstrained. Remember to take breaks.


You can make use of your smartphone clock or counters to notify you of the time for your short walk or stretching routine. Read books, listen to good music, and relax.


Get yourself the comfortable and ergonomic tools as gifts. If your mattress needs replacement, add it to your shopping list and get a good one to help support your back and have a restful sleep.


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