3 Simple Ways to Swing the Golf Club More Efficiently or Pain Free

Introduction to Swinging the Golf Club More Efficiently:


As a golfer, we all want to improve our game in some form or fashion whether that be to increase our driving distance, putt more effectively, or even just swing pain-free. Whatever the goal, there are three things any golfer can do to swing the golf club more efficiently. These three things are to improve your trunk rotation and hip mobility and increase your functional strength.


When all three of these components are trained or worked upon, many golfers will quickly notice how much better their golf game has improved, but also how good they feel.  Now let’s take a closer look at how you can swing the golf club more efficiently.


Tip  #1:  Improve Your Posture & Thoracic Rotation


Have you ever been told you have rounded shoulders or the start of a “hunch” back? Well, you’re not alone and this is one of the many reasons why golfer’s have reduced rotation in their trunk and upper back. One of the reasons for this is excessive kyphosis in their thoracic spine. This means their spine is rounded more than usual.


When our upper back's have excessive curvature, it limits the amount of rotation and extension that occurs. As a result, many golfers are unable to swing the golf club the way they want.


Try it for yourself…


Round your upper back and then try to rotate your spine. Now try standing up taller and rotating. Did you notice the difference?


Tip #2: Mobilize Your Hips


Our hips are the next area of the body that usually lack strength or mobility which affects a golfer's swing. Although strength is important, your motion of your hips is essential for the normal motion to occur during the golf swing.


In a right handed golfer's golf swing, the right hip should go through hip internal rotation while the left hip is going through a motion called hip external rotation. If either of these motions are limited whether that be due to a tight muscle or joint it will affect your golf game and limit your rotation. Your follow through needs these exact motions, too. It is in the opposite directions, though.



When the hips aren't working optimally, it will limited your trunk rotation but you can also develop the following symptoms:


  • lower back pain
  • hip bursitis
  • golfer's elbow
  • rotator cuff injuries
  • neck stiffness


Here's a quick and easy exercise that you can perform to help loosen up your hips into external rotation.


Tip #3: Incorporate Strength Training


You know the mantra, the stronger you are, the more resilient you are to an injury. You'll also be able to drive the ball further and farther, too!


Strength training is important to golfers because it helps strengthen your connective tissue. Your connective tissue consists of your muscles, ligaments, tendons, facia, and nerves. When these tissues become stronger, the more force these tissues can endure. As a result, you'll be able to not only drive the ball further and farther but stay injury free, too!



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Some of the best functional strengthening exercises that a golfer can perform are the following:


1) Hip Airplane's


2) Row With Rotation


3) Medicine Ball Throws


Here's another great exercise showing a patient doing a reverse wood chopper. This is a great exercise because it mobilizes the hip and thoracic spine, strengthens your core, but also mimics the golf swing.


Concluding Remarks On How to Swing the Golf More Efficiently:


If you're serious about putting an end to pain when swinging try these simple and practical tips described herein. Although these are the most common areas most golfers need to work on, there is no guarantee which one will be best for you without a structured golf swing analysis. For this reason, we recommend consulting one of our golf & sports physical therapy specialists to help assist you in this process. To do this, you can click here to inquire about an appointment online.



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