2020 Wrap-Up: Our Most Popular Articles

For this wrap-up, we have selected our most informative and popular blog posts of 2020. Hopefully, you find some value and tactics to help you or your athlete achieve your health and fitness goals!


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How You Can Help Your Athlete Reach Their Athletic Potential


Everyone wants to be at their best, especially when it comes to sports and competitive athletics. And the common consensus is that with proper training, every athlete should be able to improve and keep maximizing their capacities.


There is a whole science behind it starting from physiology to the type of sports and nutrition. Failing to focus on the details and sometimes even the most basics can make an athlete keep striving yet never reach the greatness they have the potential to be.


The Secret to Looking and Feeling Younger as You Age


Are you in your 40s-70s and feeling unhappy with how you’re aging? Here’s the secret to feeling fresh, fit, and looking fabulous as you age. Personal trainers are fitness experts who support clients in reaching fitness goals. Tell your personal trainer your fitness goals, and he or she will craft the perfect plan for you to reach those goals.


What are the Best Speed Training Drills?


Athletes, coaches, and fitness buffs are competitive by nature, so it’s no surprise that we are often asked “how can I get faster?” Whether you’re simply looking to reach a personal goal or hoping to crush the competition, we have selected the best speed training drills to help you get faster…faster!


Get ready to feel the burn, because these speed training drills will enhance your sports performance training and work all of the muscles that are needed for speed.


5 Things to Ask A Personal Trainer Before Hiring Them


You’re making an important first step towards improving your health and fitness, so finding the best personal trainer for your goals is essential. To people who want to find a great personal trainer but don’t know where to start, our personal training fort myers team is here to help you narrow down your search.


If you don’t ask the right questions before hiring a personal trainer, you could end up wasting time and money on a failed program…which is a major motivation-killer for anyone. Get ready to feel the burn, because these speed training drills will enhance your sports performance training and work all of the muscles that are needed for speed.


Common Mistakes in Speed Training


You’re putting in the work, training for hours, days on end, but not seeing any improvement in your speed. What gives? With a great speed training program, you should start getting faster in less than a month and continue to get faster as you adjust the program to new goals.


What You Need to Know About Youth Sports Performance Training


Does your athlete have big dreams? Do they smile when they talk about reaching goals that they haven’t reached yet? You can help your athlete quickly reach those goals. No matter how far-fetched those dreams may sound to you, your athlete may know that there’s potential within…it’s just waiting to be unraveled.


If your athlete is driven and passionate about sport, why not help them discover their full potential? The quickest and easiest way for your athlete to reach this potential is through sports performance training.


Why All Women Need Strength Training To Look And Feel Their Best


Oftentimes when women are pictured doing an exercise, it is mostly an aerobic or yoga type. While cardio and yoga are all good for your body, strength training can do a lot more.


The benefits of strength training far surpass regular exercise and it is yet looked down upon because of certain myths around it. Let’s first bust down such baseless myths and get you to see the real benefits of strength training.



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