Steven K.

I had complex shoulder surgery and began a regimen of [...]

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Lynn G. 

I'm a snowbird that was having back and shoulder problems. [...]

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Vito B.

The Back in Motion Clinic for me has been a [...]

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Andy S.

Thank you Back In Motion and Dr. Gray. I had a terrible slip and fall accident in August of 2021. In an attempt to arrest my fall, I hyper extended my right shoulder and ultimately smashed my left shoulder into the concrete floor. After a couple of months of increasing pain and being unable to obtain an appointment with my general practitioner, I asked a colleague if he knew anyone.

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Patty H.

In early 2021 I fell and broke my arm/wrist. After getting my cast off I went through PT with another provider to regain range of motion. I went back to regular activities but after two weeks developed severe shoulder pain. I was told it was FROZEN SHOULDER.

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