7 Simple Ways to Keeping the Pounds off During the Holidays

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The holiday season is that time of the year when extra calories lurk around every corner. Think of frosted cake at the office, donuts offered by a neighbor, chocolates in your stocking and more.


All these calorie-rich foods add up, and reflect in your body in the form of an extra pound or two by New Year’s Day!


And do you know what the worst part is?


Researchers at the National Institutes of Health found that most Americans never get rid of the weight that they gain during the winter holidays.


We are sure, you will never want this to happen.


Here are 5 tips that will help you avoid weight gain during the holiday season.


1. Think twice before snack-ing


As it goes, the holiday season makes unhealthy snacks like cookies and other goodies easily accessible. The result – you end up eating as much as you please.


You can deal with this problem at home by keeping all these treats out of sight. However, this strategy won’t work when you are in a family party or workplace.


The ideal solution here is to be mindful of your snacking habits. Avoid munching just because there is food in close vicinity. Only eat when you are hungry, and opt for healthier options whenever possible – fruits, nuts, vegetables, and more.


2. Watch how much you eat


No, holidays are not meant for overeating. So, avoid overloading your plate with all those unhealthy food options.


If you tend to gain weight easily, it is even more important for you to check how much you take on your plate. The best way here is to use smaller plates and control your portion sizes.


3. Get moving


We agree that no matter how much you try, it is likely that you will end up consuming more calories than you should. While controlling calorie intake is one thing, we will highly recommend you get moving.


Engage in physical activities – dance for half an hour, or walk, or use stairs over escalators – do everything that can help you burn those extra calories.


4.Plan Ahead


This is one foolproof way through which you can control your weight gain, at least partially. Avoid going to a holiday party on an empty stomach. Plan ahead, and eat a healthy snack or low-fat yogurt or a few nuts or a serving of your favorite food.


This way, when you arrive at the party, you won’t feel hungry. Thus, you won’t feel tempted to try those cookies, cakes, and donuts. And even if you do, you won’t eat giant portions as you are already full!


5. Be mindful of your party choices


In addition to sticking to small plates, one effective way to keep the pounds off our body is to avoid sauces made from cream and meat drippings. When having salads, choose to go for oil and vinegar. You can also have vegetable sauces.


When it comes to desserts, go for low-calorie choices like an unfrosted mini muffin, food cake and shortbread cookies. However, if you must have a dessert with cream and frosting or chocolate chips, make sure that you only have one of them.


6. Saying No is fine!


Often times, we feel obliged to have food just because other people are insisting. In such an event, stand firm and learn to say no politely. You could say “No thank you, I have already had enough”, or “Everything is wonderful but I couldn’t have another bite”.


Believe us, saying no is not that difficult. Further, your body will surely love this gesture of yours.


7. Focus on socializing


When at a party, don’t make food your focus. Instead, focus on socializing and channelize your energies on striking the right conversation and networking.


Last, do not stress so much and have fun! Holidays are the best time to spend time with friends and family. Have a great time ahead.


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